I painted Graham Hill while airborne in the Lotus 49.


No, because then you initiating to procedure it as an different of painting. Test at this video (timestamped) it explains it very smartly. The left circle is being extra being drawn and the factual circle is painted, you initiating mammoth after which you add the limited print on high of it.

I gain in the event you strive to overlay the image you will always originate looking out to procedure it in.

This is how I work. Correct utilize loads of time studying the reference and strive to acquire it as shut as that additionally, you will judge of, it would now not could honest silent be 100% precise because If you happen to level to it to somebody they could no longer attach a query to limited limited print that modified.

I are inclined to rapid sketch it sooner than ranging from the genuine one factual to acquire the principle proportions factual

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