Race commentary: How to waste a win? Ask Ferrari ..


After Max Verstappen's qualifying penalty, it seemed that Ferrari would cash in the first start without much difficulty and come attain a sure win in the race for the GP of Mexico, which did not happen in the end. Lewis Hamilton celebrated 83. a career victory, and Ferrari defeats itself, once more it can only be attributed to itself.

After the first turn, Leclerc and Vettel took the first two places, and the race seemed decided, as Hamilton fell to fourth after a collision with Verstappen, including for Alexander Albon. The Purple Bull racer took the third place as the first stop, and Ferrari called Leclerc a bit panicked, even though Monacan was racing at a pretty decent pace.

Leclerc was thus condemned by the two-stop strategy, while its competitors chose the alternative that Pirelli had not even predicted in its forecasts. He then pulled Hamilton into the box and we expected that Ferrari would call Vettl in the next round to change tires. The German told the team via radio that they could try extending the first stint. Ferrari followed Vettel's recommendations, thereby losing the race.

The Maranell team was convinced that Vettel would easily break Hamilton with fresh tires, and the British resistance was somewhat surprised by Ferrari's command desk. Ferrari was waiting for the collapse of Hamilton tires, which was not there. In the end, the decision was made by the little ones, and at Mercedes they knew from past experience that the position on the track was more important than the age of the tires. Ferrari had a faster car, but it wasn't so superior to bring Vettla back in first place.

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