Verstappen: It annoys me that the FIA ​​punished only me and Hamilton did not


Max Verstappen said after the end of the race for the GP of Mexico that he accepts the penalty the FIA ​​awarded him for ignoring yellow flags, but does not understand why the later winner of the Mexican race, Lewis Hamilton, did not receive the same penalty.

After the collision with Bottas, Verstappen fell to the start of the race at the very beginning, and the Crimson Bull rider broke into sixth place at the end of the race.

The Dutchman is aware that a better ranking has given him the penalty of three starting places, which Hamilton, in his view, would simply receive.

“The rule here is clear and you should simply lower the gas, but so should everyone else. Vettel did, but Hamilton didn't. It annoys me that the FIA ​​only punished me while Hamilton took it without penalty. The matter is now closed, as nothing can be changed, but all is not fair. ”

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