Vettel was not impressed with the uninvited guest and the nasty cups


Sebastian Vettel threw out an “uninvited guest” on the winning stage, wanting to take pictures with the racers, and the German was not even impressed with the trophies won by the top three in the Mexican race.

The stage for the winners of the race for the GP of Mexico was really something special this time, as the organizers also raised the winning Mercedes car. Sebastian Vettel, however, was not impressed with the “spectacular” award, as he was distracted by a few things.

I didn't like the selfie stick man trying to get in the picture, so I pushed him away. On the other hand, lifting the car was very fortunate, especially in this fantastic stadium atmosphere. “

Vettles were not impressed by the winning cups that featured the Formula One main sponsor logo.

“Too bad. After such a long race and a fantastic event, you get such a sr ****. I would expect them to be Mexican-style cups, and we got a commercial for Heineken. We already have their logo everywhere and I don't know why the star should be in the cup as well. ”

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