Following the race for the GP of Mexico, the Italian press praised the remarkable performance of Lewis Hamilton, who beat Ferrari despite a worse car.

Hamilton began the race for the GP of Mexico at the Rodriguez Brothers' Runner-Up, and then celebrated a major victory with Ferrari's strategic mistakes and brilliant run, by which he was separated by four points in the sixth world title .

This time, the Italian media focused more than Ferrari on Hamilton's remarkable performance, which he managed to defeat the Italian team despite the fact that he had a worse car in Mexico.

Gazzetta dello Sport

“The five-time world champion showed another masterpiece on a track where his Mercedes was not the fastest car. He defeated Ferrari and Red Bull and resisted the pressure of Sebastian Vettl, who had fresher tires, for half the race.

It seemed that Vettel would easily pass the British, but he didn't. Hamilton, like many times, went beyond numbers and logic. He managed to master the worn out tires and lead over Seb, and maintained about two seconds of finish production. Lewis is a Giant. ”

La Stampa

“His race was a masterpiece of speed and technique that stunned Ferrari.

“It is true that Mercedes took the risk of an early stop, but they have the ability to do so with the knowledge that they have an extraordinary driver who is able to handle the tire consumption. For a British driver, victory is in Mexico 83. in his career, down eight from Schumacher's record and his 10th of the season. This was not an easy success for Mercedes and Hamilton. They didn't have the fastest car on the line, but they managed to win thanks to the strategy and because Lewis Hamilton is one of the best. “

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