Jos Verstappen: Max would honestly be quiet


Jos Verstappen, a former F1 racer and father of Max Verstappen, is convinced that his son was wrong about admitting the breach of the yellow flag rule, because loops would be much better if he kept quiet about the matter.

Although the FIA ​​initially did not intend to investigate the breach of the yellow flag rule afforded by Max Verstappen in the pre-race qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix, the commissioners nevertheless launched an investigation after Verstappen himself admitted at the press conference that after the collision Valtteri Bottas did not slow down.

Race's father Jos is convinced his son made a mistake this time:

“We talked about what happened at the press conference. I think it would be much better to be quiet, but this is a good school for him. Max also told me that he did not see the yellow flags himself, as racers are usually informed by the team, but this time it did not happen. It is nice to see that he is so direct in his responses, but this time he would be honestly silent. ”

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