(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton won his tenth race of the season in Mexico . But while he was able to celebrate the other nine with his race engineer Peter Bonnington, the British warfare was absent last Sunday. “Bono” was due to a medical treatment in England . Hamilton dedicated his triumph to him.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton celebrates his tenth win of the season in Mexico Zoom Download That in this intense fight for the championship. ” Bonnington has been on the side of the British for seven years.

To make sure that the weekend runs as smoothly as possible, Marcus Dudley, his temporary race engineer, and Dom Riefstahl, replacement as an efficiency engineer, enrolled in school. “Bono and I, we stuck together, he did a lot of work, as did Marcus and Dom.”

Dudley has followed in big footsteps, Hamilton knows the role of the role , “It's never easy to work with a … say world champion in this sport, who generally demands a lot.” Dudley warfare, however, is no stranger, previously he was Hamilton's “number two”.

“He knew how to do it, as a particular person he is very laid back.” This feature could be beneficial on pit radio in the race when Hamilton questioned the strategy again. “Besides, I was 19102710 in contact with Bono , we wrote to each other, I just wanted to make him proud.” After all, “Bono” has subordinated his life to racing for the past seven years.

The 620. Immense Prix win for Mercedes, Hamiltons Overall, Bonnington has “certainly made happy,” believes the Briton. He describes the past few weeks as an “emotional roller coaster ride”. He did not expect the victory, so he felt united states “great”.

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