(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren got away without penalty for a possible “launch in unsafe condition”. Following the Grand Prix of Mexico 223114 the FIA ​​is closed came to the conclusion that it was “not detectable” whether the Group broke the rules.

Lando Norris


McLaren already punished himself with the incident in terms of sport Zoom

Lando Norris had to go after his pit stop Park his McLaren at the pit exit because the Group was not sure if the left front tire was not properly attached to the car. The MCL His race was over and he gave up later

Against the McLaren-Group an investigation was initiated immediately, but a sentence was not pronounced. The stewards said: “The team representative stated that the front left mechanic was not sure that the wheel was securely fastened, so they stopped the car for safety reasons.”

“After watching the video sequences, the FIA ​​Technical Delegate was unable to determine if the car had been sent off in an unsafe condition, so the stewards believe that based on the available offer it is not possible to determine whether it is a 'launch in unsafe condition'. “

as if the car was in one Insecure condition. “

Norris was in seventh place before the stop before it came to mishap at the Field. “I do not know exactly what happened, but probably the wheel nut was jammed, used to happen,” says the 28 – year old, who is not really happy at the moment.


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Team Principal Andreas Seidl confirms that it was a canted wheel nut: “This is just bad luck if you get the Enviornment with tilting, but we have to see that we learn from it and what consequences we have on technical and operational side. ” He also emphasizes that it was a different environment than Monza.

“We improved Monza over our reaction time and stopped the car in the pit lane, but of course it would better, not even to come into such Enviornment. “

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