(Motorsport-Total.com) – Pierre Gasly was physically weakened in the Gigantic Prix of Mexico. The Frenchman battle was affected by a virus that was rampant in the paddock. Nevertheless, he was able to qualify in the Q3 and in the race rank nine claim. “Now I just have to rest!”

Pierre Gasly


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“If you want the Considering strategy and the tire we started on, then we could not have liked anything more, especially since we 49 Seconds behind Daniel [Ricciardo] have come to the finish with the further pit stop, I do not think we could have done better. “

Gasly started as one of Only four drivers on the soft tire and changed already in lap nine on the hard tires. In turn, he put the medium on. The soft in Q2 was of course a disadvantage, but the Frenchman to consider that you always just want to get the “maximum” out of the car – even in qualifying.

” But the battle is probably one of those races in which you, as a midfielder team, are more likely to start at P like Perez, want P After his first stop, Gasly even wanted to switch to a one-touch strategy (Verstappen battle already finished in lap five on the pits and raced to the finish on the Onerous).

“Got on the hard tire I felt really good after that, I asked the team to try a stop, but they did not want that, so we made two stops. ” At the middle of the race, he also had to duel with McLaren driver Carlos Sainz. “I've lost six or seven seconds, the battle is not ideal.”

In the last round, he also benefited from the mishap of his teammate. Daniil Kwjat caused a collision with Nico Hülkenberg, the German therefore fell behind the Frenchman and the Russian conceded a ten-second penalty, which is why Gasly landed in ninth place.


Gigantic Prix of Mexico – Sunday

“I have the duel Watched and wanted to be there, something should happen, I saw Hulkenberg crash into the wall, but not the trigger – certainly not ideal for the team. ” He is still satisfied with the efficiency of his STR “That's because of the altitude,” he believes.

Since Mexico is the highest race of the calendar, neither aerodynamics nor engine power plays such a big role. “It's rather the mechanical grip that counts, because we seem to be quite competitive on such tracks, that's good.”

For him personally, the yield is two points Great. “The race with the I'm glad to have scored points. ” Although he felt better on Sunday than the previous day, he was not 100% fit.

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