Max Verstappen was also included in the debate on the role of racing and Formula 1 in the fight against climate change, believing that System 1 should continue to maintain internal combustion engines, as it is a petrol sport.

A wide-ranging debate on environmental issues was sparked last week by Instagram posts by Lewis Hamilton, who called the okay okay to reduce the okay organic lifestyle and vegan diet.

After identifying Hamilton's claims as two-faced with Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen also commented on the matter before the race in Mexico:

“I like to consume fuel. Can I even say that? I don't like electric cars, and although I think environmental topics are very important, you should not associate this with Formula 1. If you don't like F1, don't look at it. I also like meat and burgers. Everyone can do whatever they want, but I don't intend to be vegan myself. ”

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