Ecclestone: Ferrari has the best racing lineup


Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is convinced that Ferrari has a good chance in the year 2020 in the fight for the Formula 1 World Cup title, mainly because of his excellent racing performance, which he believes is the best in Formula 1.

Ferrari has taken a major step forward in the second half of this season, and Scuderia seems almost unbeaten in qualifying at the moment, as the red car has won the best starting position in the last seven races.

Bernie Ecclestone thinks Ferrari has a good chance 2020 in the offseason to finally win the much anticipated title after a decade.

“Ferrari is in a good position for the season 2020. They have a very good car and a great racing squad, which in my opinion is the best in Formula 1 at the moment. I think they have a good chance. ”

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