Helmut Marko: Verstappen was two seconds faster than the others


Red Bull's Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko is convinced that honest Max Verstappen would start the race for the GP of Mexico more carefully, as he was much faster than the competition in his view.

Verstappen got involved with both Mercedes racers in the opening rounds of the race in Mexico, and after a collision with Valtteri Bottas, it is unfair to get a premature stop because of a broken tire.

Helmut Marko agrees with the Red Bull team boss, who recently said Verstappen would easily win the first rounds, easily winning the Mexican race.

“With the toughest tire mix, Max was two seconds faster than the others in the first laps. Considering the advantage he had, honest would be a bit more cautious at the start of the race as he would most likely win. Nevertheless, we can be satisfied as we have received confirmation that we have a good car. I believe that in the last three races we will struggle to win. ”

Verstappen: I'm the fastest racer in F1

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