No investigation: Vettel had Lewis Hamilton in the blind spot


( – The later winner Lewis Hamilton had to survive two fright moments during the Grand Prix of Mexico in the start phase. In turn 1 there was a touch with Max Verstappen , and already before it warfare it became narrow against Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver had slammed the door for Hamilton immediately after the launch and thus pushed off the track.

Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton


Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton spoke about the launch after the race Receive

Hamilton had to walk over the grass, but there was no penalty for Vettel. “We took notice of it, and the race stewards have decided that no investigation is necessary,” explains race director Michael Masi. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff calls the action in 'Sky' “pretty tough racing” and warns: “Such things can end evil.”

“On the straight Lewis has a maneuver against Sebastian started, and Sebastian has moved to the left, used to be extremely hard warfare for me, “said Wolff, for whom the action was on the border of legal warfare. Vettel himself stresses, however, that it was at least no intention. “I did not see him, he came after the race [zu mir] and asked,” reveals Vettel

“But I did not intend to push him out or anything” , says the Ferrari driver, explaining: “I tried to get into Charles's slipstream, I looked left and right in the mirror, and then I saw Lewis.” Since the world champion was already slightly off the track. When Vettel saw that, he withdrew immediately, he assures himself.

“We see a lot in the mirrors, but of course there is a blind spot,” he recalls. That's exactly what the Impart was here. But how can we avoid such situations in the future? “I'm not sure if we can do much about it,” muses Vettel. Finally, the impart is not new. “In the first round, you often have to speculate where the others are,” he explains.

“Mostly, but sometimes not,” he shrugs and explains that all drivers try to avoid incidents at launch. “We know that we can not win the race in the first corner, but we can lose it,” Vettel recalls. Therefore, such situations were mostly intestine. Also in Mexico, both came away with a black eye.

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