Schumacher: What my father was to him is Sebastian to me


Mick Schumacher has revealed that he wants to imitate Sebastian Vettel in many ways in the same way that Vettel looked after his father, Michael Schumacher, at the beginning of his career.

Sebastian Vettel never hid his admiration for raising a famous compatriot, and at a young age Michael Schumacher also gave him many useful tips.

Talking to Motorsport-Magazine , Mick Schumacher revealed that he wants to be a member Ferrari's racing academy, learn as much as possible from the four-time Formula One World Champion.

“I have great respect for the Originate Sebastian. We talk a lot about motorsport and I try to use all his advice on the track. It has been a very long time in Formula 1, and so any of its tips is extremely useful. I think about me is what my father was to him. I'm glad I can learn from Sebastian, who is one of the best racers in the world. “

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