(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel sees the Formula 1 at the crossroads. In the exclusive interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com', the four-time world champion talks about the future of the premier class and makes it clear that something urgently needs to change. “The truth is that there is a big gap behind the three top teams, and I'd like it better if the whole field were closer together,” said Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel is of the opinion that something has to change in Formula 1 Zoom Download

“I think the best teams and the best riders would still be up front – no matter what the rules are, “explains the

planned rule changes . Still is not sure how extensive this will be. “It would be nice for every tumble to bring everyone closer together,” says Vettel, adding: “That would make it more exciting.”

“Because on a good day maybe someone from the midfield in the “I hope that it [2021] is good for the sport – modified into whatever comes out, because something has to happen, because no matter which colors you wear, Formula 1 is in my opinion too expensive. “


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“Everyone spends a lot of money, just a bit of Ef to find ficiency. I think that in some ways it has to become more vivid, “says Vettel.” Of course it is always a bit of a breeze to keep the DNA of Formula One and at the same time try to bring everything closer together. Because you do not want a single car with unit motors. That would not be Formula One, “he is aware.

” But as I said, something must happen, otherwise it will be very difficult to meet the future challenges of motorsport “, believes Vettel, who also makes his personal future dependent on the new regulations.When asked if he would finish his career at Ferrari, he answers: “I do not know. I think I just do not look too far into the future. “

” It depends on modified into the rules. And it depends on next year. Then we will continue watching “, the 10 – year-old.The complete interview with the four-time world champion you read on Wednesday 'Motorsport-Total.com'

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