“Wild West”: Renault fears chaos after Racing Point Whisper


(Motorsport-Total.com) – At Renault you are currently not good at Racing Point to speak. The former Drive India troupe had in Japan Whisper against the French – with success. The two Renault pilots were subsequently disqualified . In Enstone, it is primarily annoyed that Racing Point did not follow Whisper's unwritten code of conduct.

Otmar Szafnauer, Cyril Abiteboul

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“It does not work I'm only aware that what used to be in the past is no longer true, and that worries me, “says team boss Cyril Abiteboul. This refers to the approach of Racing Point. Because usually situations of this kind work are regulated by the FIA. The crew could have made a request to check the Renault system in question.

“Instead, they have tried to exclude americavon from a race,” abhors Abiteboul , “It's a completely different process because the race stewards are not directly under the FIA ​​- for understandable reasons of independence,” explains Abiteboul. At Renault one did not even suspect before the Whisper

that there could be a train with the system.


The Whisper in Japan hit the French completely unprepared. “Because the rules are getting more and more rigid and structured, and there are a lot of constraints, I think we need a code of conduct that is also written down,” Abiteboul says. He does not know if this will happen, as the subject is still “pretty fresh.”

He fears that Racing Point would otherwise be Pandora's box could have opened. “If speculation is enough, then I can argue against any crew to gain access to their intellectual property, […] and thus have an advantage, and the crew suffers from it, even if it's honest, in my opinion dangerous, “warns Abiteboul.


Renault: The background of disqualification



“We have two regulations [sportlich und technisch], and now comes a third,” he recalls in view of the upcoming budget ceiling. He fears that without a written code of conduct, similar situations could occur more frequently if, immediately, any suspicion of another group is immediately followed by Whisper without turning on the FIA.

Abiteboul speaks of “chaos” and states like the “Wild West” when that happens. His resentment he also personally told Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer. “We talked about it in the strategy group,” he reveals. That was before the decision last Wednesday to exclude Renault from the Japan GP.

“Come back “: Villeneuve warns Racing Point Ex-World Champion Jacques Villeneuve also shows little understanding and explains: “The system has been around for a long time and if the car is declared again and again as honest, then it should not be possible to say later that it is not the sporty one Regulations. “

” Either it's honest or not – end of story, “he shrugs. “All groups have known for a long time that the system exists,” he says. The approach of Racing Point was therefore “cheap” been. “I think they'll get it back,” he announces, pointing out: “There are certain things Groups should not do to each other.”


Technique: Detailed photos at GP Mexico (***********************************************************************)

Meanwhile, Otmar Szafnauer explains how it came to Whisper. “We looked at Silverstone for americadas,” he says, explaining, “We had some problems with our brake balance ourselves, which once caused Checo [Sergio Perez] to re-originate after the safety car

. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Therefore one has started to look at the systems of the opponents. “That's when we noticed that Renault had the system we wanted,” he says, and says, “We asked the FIA ​​if we could do it that way, but the FIA ​​told us it would not work . ” At Renault, however, you never got anything with it.

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