Formula 1 drivers agree: slower cars only if better racing


( – There seems to be a fundamental discussion in F1 right now: fast cars mean less overtaking, slower ones encourage race action, but are less spectacular. Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc would be willing to give back a little of the gained downforce of racing gets better – but not everything.

Carlos Sainz, Alexander Albon, Sergio Perez


The fast cars promote the dreaded Formula One processions Zoom Gain

Verstappen speaks of “maybe two to two and a half seconds “that he would be willing to sacrifice for better racing action. “I do not want to slow down four or five seconds.”

With two and a half seconds more on the clock, the car would still be “very impressive” in the corners. “It's always tough when you're doing the restrict, so it does not matter much if you're two seconds faster or slower – in the end, the most important thing is that we can race properly instead of getting stuck.”

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To 2014 significantly slower vehicles were used Zoom Gain

Leclerc agrees: “The feeling in qualifying with this huge amount of downforce is just amazing and I love it But as Max said, we may have to sacrifice a bit to get better racing, and we need to find the right balance. “

Can the zero-sum match be broken? breaks the formula 1 again in regularity Streckenrek orde. Previously, she had gone through a speed techno cucumber time for twelve years. Many track records from the season (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Vettel has from the dawn of the V8 era on the aerodynamic revolution of the hybrid vehicles from (*********************************************************************) His conclusion: “I think it's always exciting to have fast cars, people in the stands can see that, so I keep the Vogue of 2017 to faster cars for right. “

Will the F1 rules (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

At the 31. October, the F1 regulations for Technique expert Gary Anderson explains why this could be a disappointment. (***********************************************************) Other Formula 1 Movies

“But I also think we can slow down a bit if it's a step in the right direction for racing, if not, we certainly do not want that.”

The technical working group of the formula 1 has long with the apparent zero-sum game of speed vs. good race action deals to pick this up. The result was, among other things, a return to the Floor Attain. Became as soon as the ideas for the Formula 1 season Show Thursday in Austin.

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