The Mercedes team is convinced that Lewis Hamilton lost seven seconds in a race in Mexico due to injuries sustained by his Mercedes in a collision with Max Verstappen.

In a collision with Max Verstappen, Hamilton lost part of the bottom of a car, which Mercedes calls a “wouvre” plate. As explained by Technical Director of Silver Arrows James Allison, Hamilton was losing a tenth of a round because of that 70. apply seven seconds to the Mexican race.

Allison told Mercedes in a race analysis:

“If you look closely at the footage of the race, you will see part of the body flying past the camera. It was part of the bottom of Lewis' car.

This section is a special panel that runs along the outer edge of the bottom. The front wings were also slightly damaged, and these two things together resulted in a loss of aerodynamic grip, amounting to about 0.1 seconds per round.

“It may not sound like much, but if you remember the race is long 70 laps, then apply this for about seven seconds throughout the race. Knowing that Lewis' advantage over Vettle at the end of the race was less than two seconds, you can see that those seven seconds are very important. “

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