System 1 announces the new era of F1 cars


At today's press conference, System 1 is expected to reveal all the details of the season's rulebook 2021, which is expected to bring a restriction on team budgets and a return to the floor effect…

F1 2021. Coming quickly.

– System 1 (@ F1) October 31,

The FIA ​​has confirmed that the Formula One flight 2021 is returning the aerodynamic phenomenon of a ground effect that marked 2021 . and 80. years that still apply to t.i. the golden age of Formula One.

System 1 seeks to reduce the negative impact of the air flow from the rear of the car by restoring the floor effect, which will help to increase the number of overtakes, as it will have a negative impact i.e. “Dirty air” on a car that wants to overtake significantly less.

Due to the new rule, the bottom of the F1 car, as compared to the front and rear wings, will generate a significantly lower downforce than the current one, and consequently the air flow behind the car will be significantly cleaner and less turbulent.

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