Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton is well on his way to meeting some of the Formula 1 records set by Michael Schumacher, provided Mercedes continues to provide him with enough good car.

Poll: Will Lewis Hamilton Outperform Schumacher Records?

After Reached 83. victory in Mexico Hamilton continues to move closer to a record in victories set by Schumacher very high. The Mercedes driver has hit them so far in Formula One 83 and he only needs 8 wins to equate to Schumacher's record 91 victories.

Wolff: Hamilton Thinks About Schumacher Records

Lewis is in the last 12 months reached 18 wins, so Wolff thinks the Briton has all the tools and support he needs to reach Schumacher's records. He points out that Germany's achievements remain a unique part of Formula One history:

“I think if you are as talented as he is and you work hard just like him, then later when you first find yourself on a benchmarking team that gives you a good starting point for success. But to achieve what Michael has accomplished, which is the best he has accomplished so far, is entirely on a different level from what anyone else has achieved. It’s hard work and hard work and I think he’s well on his way and there will be more wins and more championships to be able to handle Michael. I think that the race can continue for a number of years, and this is ultimately proved by Kimi Raikkonen. Our job is to provide him with a good car. «

Hamilton: Schumacher Record I want to at least get closer

Hamilton won his Formula One World Cup advantage by winning Silverstone to 39 points in front of the closest pursuer, this is teammate Valtteri Bottas. Thus, the Briton is even closer to the sixth driver's title, leaving behind Schumacher's record by only one title, and he would take second place on the World Champion's list, which he currently shares with Juan Manuel Fangi.

Which 7 Schumacher Records Can Beat Lewis Hamilton

The British driver already holds a record number of first places to win. With the current number 86 it far exceeded Schumacher's previous record 68. Hamilton also approaches Schumacher's record of podium places; The German stood on the podium 155 times, and the British included marked your own 143 this weekend. a place among the top three. However, he did manage to achieve one special record in Silverstone: the most victories in the UK Grand Prix races.

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