(Motorsport-Total.com) – Crimson Bull team boss Christian Horner defends Max Verstappen, after the Dutchman in Mexico right in Several incidents involved warfare . On Saturday, he first overlooked yellow flags and then lost his pole region , on Sunday there was in the first turns first a Contact with Lewis Hamilton and later also with Valtteri Bottas. The race finished only sixth in Verstappen

Christian Horner, Max Verstappen


2016 Max Verstappen did not enjoy his best weekend in Formula 1 in Mexico

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“I do not think he did anything wrong in the first corners Horner points out, “It warped hard racing against Lewis, they both drove hard, and that warfare was all.” In the action against Bottas he had “just bad luck” had. Verstappen slashed his tire on the front wing of the Mercedes and fell back to the back of the field. His chance of victory was finally gone.

Crimson Bull had a good flow in Mexico. Should Verstappen have been more patient? “You never know what flow you will have in the race,” Horner recalls, “He had a good initiating up and I think he [da] has been patient with the Ferraris and he's struggling with Lewis slowed down, turned into allowing Lewis to take a risk outside. “

” Sometimes it runs for you and sometimes against you, “twitches Horner's shoulders. Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn sees it a bit more critical. “Max made some mistakes that were pretty expensive,” he explains, reminding, “He's still first The former Ferrari and Mercedes man says: “The most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes.”

Special treatment for Verstappen?

50 but is maybe a bit more with (**********************************************************************************************), “Brawn says, adding,” You have to win [die Rennen] you should win, and also those you should not win. ” A good example of this is Hamilton, who won a race in Mexico that he should not have won. “This is how you become a world champion” praises Brawn.


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100 Does Verstappen with its aggressive driving at the end hurt, especially himself? Hamilton explained after the race in Mexico : “At Max it is quite likely that you will collide with him if you do not give him much extra space. ” A clear criticism of the driving style of the Dutchman. “This is not new at Max,” explains his former team-mate Carlos Sainz to 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

“He does since his first year in Formula 1. Some people prefer to leave him more space, others fight him and crash, “said the Spaniard. He gave Verstappen but no special treatment. “I will not give Max more space just because it's Max,” says Sainz, stressing that he's treating all riders in the field on the track the same way.

Qualifying: Verstappen is a repeat offender

He does not want to comment on the Mexico incidents. “I did not see the incidents because I did not look at Max's race, I was too busy analyzing my own warfare,” he explains, adding, “I think Max has good and bad days – like everyone else But I do not know if he [in Mexiko] was too aggressive warfare. “


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In view of Verstappens qualifying offense, race director Michael Masi announces that he will discuss this topic again with all pilots at the next driver briefing. It also raises the question of why Verstappen as (**************************************************************************************) “only” was moved back by three positions and did not receive a tougher punishment. “Everyone always demands consistency,” Masi recalls he. However, it is clear what penalty a driver for disregarding a yellow flag get. Therefore, with the retransfer of three places, the only thing remaining was the existing penal catalog. Nevertheless, Verstappen should try to avoid such situations in the future.

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