Lewis Hamilton: Not as dirty as Senna & Schumacher?


(Motorsport-Total.com) – That Lewis Hamilton called Ayrton Senna as his great idol and like to emulate the Brazilian, know the most in Formula 1 actually. However, unlike Senna, Hamilton is not necessarily considered a roughneck, which sometimes attacks dirty tricks – as does Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton will soon have twice as many world titles as Ayrton Senna Zoom Download

One shot his World Championship rival Alain Prost off the track to become World Champion, the other knowingly parked his car in the Rascasse. And squeamish were both on the track anyway not. And Hamilton?

“I do not really think about it that often,” he says, referring to the two icons and the dirt comparison. “I grew up with seeing these eras and certain things, but things happen to other drivers in my time as well.”

He always wanted to do it the “right way” and win through hard work and skill. That's what I've tried year after year, that does not mean I'm perfect, but I'm proud of my results and respect for racing, “says Hamilton. “That will not change, because that's how my dad raised me.”

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Lewis Hamilton is already the pilot with the most World Cup points and the Most pole positions in the history of Formula 1. Michael Schumacher still has many top marks – still. Because in some areas Hamilton Schumi could outstrip in the coming years … Photo gallery

(**********************************************************) the Briton will most likely win his sixth world title. He then misses another to Michael Schumacher, so that he could start as (split) world champion in the new era from .

Currently he sees no reason to stop, because he still has fun and is looking forward to the new challenge. Most recently, he has been associated with Ferrari, but he refuses to say: “I do not see myself going anywhere else – I like being at Mercedes,” he says. “I like to be part of the brand and the story.”

For him it is “very attractive” to stay with Mercedes and to be connected with the brand even beyond Formula One. “I've been with them since And that could go on quite a bit.

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