Race is a long way off: two more hurdles for Miami

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The planned Formula 1 race in Miami moves back a bit in the direction of distance, because new bureaucratic hurdles a discharge from 2019. Although they had already been given permission to drive on a new route around the Laborious Rock Stadium of the Miami Dolphins , complaints from local residents now cause new problems.

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Formula 1 should 2021 to drive around the Laborious Rock Stadium in Miami Zoom Acquire

Formula 1 opponents want to prevent a race because they fear noise and dirt. “The majority of the residents of Miami Gardens do not want to see Formula One racing at the Laborious Rock Stadium,” said the opposition leader, referring to the “deadly effects” that the premier class brings.

With success: at a commission meeting on Tuesday, two applications were waved through. The first one now makes it necessary for a public hearing to be held before deciding the race in December. The second has ensured that Commission approval is always required when roads are blocked for motor racing events.

Even the mayor of Miami Gardens, Oliver Gilbert, opposes the formula 1: “We understand that we live in the tourism enterprise, but here must be a good place to live – not just to visit,” he says. “Formula One brings people, but it's about the people who live here, and sometimes we forget that.”

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Even before the scheduled Formula 1 debut (*************************************************************************************************************************) Other Formula 1 Movies

For Dolphins director Marcus Bach-Armas comes the new one Headwind surprising, because a few years ago, the topic of motorsport in the stadium was on the table. There have been public hearings and votes that have been positive for motorsport.

The Commission also had

– 0 voted in favor. “And now we'll chew that through again,” he wonders. He does not understand that the answer after so many efforts is now simply 'no'. “We need to work through united states of america to be useful to the community,” says Bach-Armas. “It would be embarrassing to give up this opportunity.”

Also, the formula 1 itself has now asked on their homepage for help. With a form you can (*************************************************************************************************************************.

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