Verstappen: Hamilton is disrespectful


Max Verstappen responded to the words of Lewis Hamilton at a press conference ahead of the US Grand Prix in Austin, accusing the Dutchman of dangerous driving after winning Mexico.

Verstappen and Hamilton got involved in Mexico immediately after the start, and the Mercedes driver said after the race that his younger counterpart almost “torpedoed” him.

At the same time, Hamilton argued that racers should be very careful about racing against the Dutch, as they would otherwise resign.

Prior to the US race, Verstappen said Hamilton's claims were disrespectful:

I don't think there was anything wrong with my racing, but if someone wants to find a reason to wake me up a little bit, they will find it in every thing. The fact that they talk about me means I got in their head, which is good. Nevertheless, his words were very disrespectful. I try my best to tell myself on the track. ”

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