Vettel: System 1 should not return to “slow” cars


System 1 has introduced a new policy that will take effect in the off-season 2021 and will significantly change the F1 car's features, which will be about 3.5 seconds slower.

Sebastian Vettel is convinced that System 1 is not going in the right direction with the new rules, because in his view the return to slower cars is a mistake.

A German said before the US race:

The cars with which the races are currently spectacular. I think System 1 should not go back to the slow cars we had before the season 2017. I am convinced that this is not the right direction, as in Formula 1 it should race with the fastest cars in the world. After all, it is an elite motorsport class. If it were mine, we would go back to the “right” engines.

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