Formula One racers face a number of humps on the first race day in Austin due to submersion. At the same time, several racers expressed their fear of injuries and declared the condition of the Americas race unacceptable.

Extensive humps on the COTA track caused some technical problems on the F1 cars, and some racers also lost control of their car when riding over bumps.

Many racers have described the Austin track as dangerous, and Lewis Hamilton described it as the most “humpback” track in the world.

Max Verstappen said after finishing his second free training on Dutch television:

The first bend is half a meter lower than when we first raced here. It's all just dangerous.

One of the more dissatisfied was Racing Point racer Sergio Perez:

Driving over humps can be very painful and can easily cause injury. The situation is simply unacceptable. I think we crossed the border this time, as the humps caused quite a few incidents. ********

The situation has been vividly described by Sebastian Vettel:

“It's all like ski jumping”

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