(Motorsport-Total.com) – Bad news for Sergio Perez on Friday night in Austin: The Mexican will start from the pit lane at the Colossal Prix of the USA. The race management has issued this harsh penalty after the Racing Point pilot had previously not appeared on the FIA ​​scale.

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At the end of the second free practice session, car number 11 was asked for the FIA ​​scale. However, Perez has overlooked the light signal at the beginning of the pit lane. He then stopped briefly, but when he asked his team, what he should do now, he was called to the Storage.

Racing Point has then practiced a pit stop and then the car for a review rolled back to the scale. In the Sporting Regulations, however, it is strictly stipulated that a driver is to be condemned to a pit-lane crowd whenever he disregards the weighing and has previously worked on the car.

This comes from that time, as with Weights on the cars was tricked to influence the result of weighing. After Perez and Racing Point talked to the race stewards Friday evening, it became clear that the officials had no choice.

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The verdict states specifically: “The commissioners looked at the video evidence and with the driver of the car with the number eleven (Sergio Perez) and a representative They found that the driver did not stop for weighing when asked to do so. “

He continued driving and did a pit stop. “It was working on the car, it was raised and all four wheels were changed.” The commissioners also note that they have no other choice in penalties, as the regulations in this case clearly provides for a pit-lane crowd.

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