Charles Leclerc finished third free training after all 20. minutes, as it is appropriate to park your Ferrari due to a failure of the powertrain. Ferrari will be replacing its powertrain with a unit previously used by Leclerc this season before qualifying, and Monacan will avoid punishing starters.

At the end of the third free training, Ferrari was reported to have found an oil leak in the car of Charles Leclerc, and Ferrari mechanics have a lot of work to do before qualifying as they have to replace the entire drive unit

Since the Leclerc unit will be used, the Ferrari racers will not be penalized with a starting point, but the Maranell team is still waiting a long time to get the Leclerc car ready for qualifying.

A Nightmare FP3 for Charles Leclerc!

Ferrari is now delighted in the ramification of labor to produce earlier than qualifying… # USGP ?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/O2HrMfEEVl

– System 1 (@ F1) November 2, 2019 )

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