The Austin track is missing; Verstappen: 1st bend is half a meter lower than the first year


The first race day in American Austin revealed the magnitude of the problems that the Americas race has with the subsidence of the terrain. The organizers of the US GP race have confirmed that certain sections of the track are also an inch and a half lower than the original configuration and a major overhaul is planned before the end of the year.

Many racers have described the Austin track as dangerous, and Lewis Hamilton described it as the most “humpback” track in the world.

Max Verstappen said after finishing his second free training on Dutch television:

The first bend is half a meter lower than when we first raced here. It's all just dangerous.

La mirada más exhaustiva de cada circuito. Esta noche a las 21. 45 h @ AlbertFabrega

examina el Circuito de las Américas en el Ojo de Fabrega

– F1 en Movistar (@ movistar_F1) October 31, 2019

Meanwhile, the organizers have already confirmed that the ridges on the track, which, in addition to Formula 1, also hosts Moto GP championship races are the result of submerged terrain, while the race management has already announced a major overhaul and overlay of the entire track, which it should start before the end of the year.

Video: Watch how bumpy the track is in Austin

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