(Motorsport-Total.com) – Mercedes completes the Friday training session at the top. However, only Lewis Hamilton is satisfied with his performance. Valtteri Bottas is puzzling overall ranking five , as he 0, 813 could lose seconds on his teammate. Thus, the signs are all about winning the title. ( Formula 1 (****************************************************************************) )

Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas puzzles about his backlog on Friday Zoom


Bottas in the second session asking his race engineer, as he of the best time of Hamilton (1: 232. (*****************************************************************************************************)

“There are some things on the straights, confirm that it seems the slipstream is quite powerful,” Riccardo Musconi replied. Nachsatz: “But that may also be due to other reasons,” added the race engineer.

Bottas: “On the straights there is still time left ” Especially in the first two sectors, Hamilton was much faster than the Finn (sector 1: -0, (****************************************************************), sector 2: -0, The Briton profited on the back straight in sector 2 from Robert Kubica's slipstream.

Only in the third section battle the Finn absolutely fastest, however, he took there only one tenth from Hamilton. Bottas does not want to run out of a typical “Hamilton track”, which is especially intestine for the five-time world champion. “There used to be a lot of tracks on which I had a hard time,” he admits.

In the meantime, he has learned a lot, especially this year he has partially reversed the omens can. However, Hamilton is about to clinch the World Championship title this weekend.

He only needs four points more than Bottas – on one of his show series: “I love this track. Austin is a track that I find very intestine. ” In addition, his racing engineer Peter Bonnington is back in Austin after his absence in Mexico.

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A flying round at the Circuit of the Americas in the official Formula 1 F1 (******************************!) (*********************************************************************************) Other Formula 1 Movies

For Saturday he has decided to increase: “I had difficulties in the second coaching on the straights is still a little lap time in. We will investigate.”

Mercedes Chief Technical Officer James Allison adds: “Valtteri was not quite as happy and unlike Lewis did not find a helping wind on his fast lap, but on the long runs Valtteri looked fast enough.”

In the race simulation, the Finn drove first with the medium nine laps, then he moved to the Comfortable for four laps. On the middle tire, he slowed significantly faster than Ferrari on average, on the Comfortable, however, faster than Hamilton in its first stint.

Allison: “Encouraged by the pace of the car” In comparison, he dragged both on the soft tire ahead of the Ferraris, but especially on the hard tire he showed a strong pace. On average, he is 1.4 seconds faster than Sebastian Vettel.

Is Ferrari the biggest enemy for the Silver Arrows, or is it Red Bull? Hamilton is not sure, “I have not really dealt with that yet, it's usually these two groups that we need to keep an eye on, Red Bull looks good, but Ferrari has been pretty strong for some time.”

Allison points out, “We were encouraged by the pace of our car, especially Lewis who had a strong afternoon with little fuel and plenty of fuel on board – on a range of tire compounds.” In the first session battle Mercedes did not find at the top of the table.

There was a simple reason for this: The team tested tires of Pirelli. When asked, Hamilton blocks, “I can not say much about it right now.” In the development work for the coming year, the times were “completely unimportant”, emphasizes Bottas.

The cold temperatures in the morning – 8.9 degrees Celsius! – The two drivers started to sweat: “In the car it gets really warm, because we even start to sweat, but that does not make a big difference, only the warming up of the tires is a bit more difficult”, explains Bottas.

The drivers will be in the qualifying on Saturday especially on corner 33 Be careful. Because some lap times were canceled there on Friday because of the crossing of the route limits, also the Mercedes drivers were affected: “it is an unusual distance”, wonders Hamilton.

“In many There's no real limit to bends – for example turn 9, you can just drive straight ahead or turn (********************************************************************************************). ” Bottas adds: “It's a big turn, and partly blind, you get on the gasoline before you see the exit, so it can happen that you misjudge yourself.” That will certainly be a challenge in qualifying, the Finn believes.

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