Valtteri Bottas [Mercedes] beat all the competition with a great run and celebrated winning the US Grand Prix in Austin. The Finn supervised the course of the race from the start and stepped up to the top of the podium at the end of the race.

Lewis Hamilton also formally won his sixth Formula 1 World Champion title, the British huge champion will be able to equalize the record of Michael Schumacher next season, winning seven F1 titles in his career.

Third place went to Max Verstappen [Red Bull], who came close to Hamilton at the end of the race but was prevented by the Dutch flag with yellow flags.

Charles Leclerc [Ferrari] finished long behind the top three, while Sebastian Vettel ended the race for the US Grand Prix in the 9th round due to suspension.

Alexander Albon [Red Bull] won fifth place and Daniel Ricciard [Renault] placed sixth. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris scored good for Mclaren with seventh and eighth respectively, with Nica Hulkenberg [Renault] and Daniil Kvyat [Toro Rosso] top ten.

Lewis Hamilton: From a young man who shocked Alonso, an enactor of Formula One legend

There are parking spaces

And there's that parking speak speak ? **** # USGP F # F1 @ LewisHamilton pic.twitter.com/2FtgUoIzyc

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Valtteri Bottas started very well from the pole position and easily retained the lead in the first corner. With a good start, Verstappen came in 2nd, while Vettel found himself in big trouble with his car. The German was losing place after city, and after two rounds he slipped to seventh place.

Lewis Hamilton came in third and Charles Leclerc came in fourth. Immediately after the start, Alexander Albon and Carlos Sainz collided, and the Red Bull racer got into boxing after the first lap.


The 2019 US Immense Prix is ​​GO!

Verstappen as much as P2

Vettel all of the vogue down to P6 and reporting anguish # USGP ?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/DjXCavmph5

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Vettel could not find the right rhythm by any means, but the German radio reported that something was wrong with his car. Vettl was completely released in the 8th round and the German just resigned.

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Bottas took the lead with a good three-second lead over Verstappn, who had already made the boxing start in 10. circle. Mercedes responded promptly and called a leading Bottas a lap later to change tires. The Finnish returned to the track just before the Red Bull racer, with Lewis Hamilton taking over the race.

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Leading Hamilton stopped at

. lap, and the Brit came back on the track in third place. Bottas, meanwhile, regained a nice advantage over Verstappen, complaining about heavy front-left tire wear. The Dutchman made her second stop at 27. lap and returned to the track in third place. A round later, Bottas followed, and Hamilton took over again.

The cost continues ? Valtteri retakes the lead from Lewis with an easy transfer

LH dives straight into the pits and powers out on a speak of Hards

2.4s, fantastic aesthetic quit lads ? # USGP pic.twitter.com/23 g 55 C4eFS

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Bottas quickly approached Hamilton with his fresh tires, deciding to end the race with less. The Finnish tried to attack the team-mate five rounds before the end, who defended his position aggressively. Bottasu succeeded in the next round with the help of DRS and the Finn returned to the management.

LAP 52 / 56

Battling for the utilize ?

After being denied by Hamilton, Bottas takes P1 on the next lap # USGP

?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/Ja4NfAZepL

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Hamilton was also quickly approached by Verstappen, but the British were rescued by yellow flags that were caused by Kevin Magnussen's resignation in the second sector. Hamilton defended second place to win the Mercedes double and also formally confirmed his sixth Formula One World Title.

1 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes
2 33 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
3 26 Max Verstappen Red Bull-Honda
4 14 Charles Leclerc Ferrari
5 16 Alexander Albon Red Bull-Honda
6 3

Daniel Ricciardo Renault

7 4

Lando Norris McLaren-Renault

8 44 Carlos Sainz Jnr


9 (*****************************************************************************) Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso-Honda
10 24 Nico Hulkenberg Renault

11 (****************************************************************************) Sergio Perez Racing Level-Mercedes

Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo-Ferrari
13 15 Lance Stroll Racing Level-Mercedes
14 99 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo-Ferrari
15 8

Romain Grosjean Haas-Ferrari



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