Lewis Hamilton was surprised by the qualifications that the Ferrari on the Austin track was not as superior on the plains as it was last week in Mexico. The Briton believes that the decline in Ferrari power could be caused by a directive on the illegality of the sensor manipulation system issued by the FIA ​​this weekend at the initiative of Red Bull.

Red Bull is suspected that Ferrari has developed a system that disrupts the flow sensor, and the Maranell team could at some point use more flow than prescribed, which could allow Vettl and Leclerc provide more power to the drive unit.

Gas flow is not measured continuously, but at intervals, and according to Red Bull engineers, the Ferrari is expected to initiate an additional injection at a time when the sensor is not measuring.

The FIA ​​responded to the suspicion with a technical directive explaining that the use of such a system would be contrary to the rules, but so far Ferrari has not been proven to actually use such a device.

Hamilton believes that the FIE Directive is the reason why Ferrari is not as superior in the Americas as it was in past races.

“Interestingly, as soon as the FIA ​​issued the directive, Ferrari lost some power. Although they still have some advantages, we are much closer this time than a week ago in Mexico. We will be watching with interest how this will affect the race, but it is very unusual. ”

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