HWA RACELAB with Flörsch and Andres in Macau


Foto: HWA
Photo: HWA

For the first time the team from Affalterbach joins the Suncity Neighborhood Design 3 Macau Tall Prix ((****************************************************************************************************). to 17 November). Jake Hughes (Great Britain), Keyvan Andres (Iran) and Sophia Flörsch (Germany) will be in the starting grid of the FIA ​​F3 World Cup, which is part of the 79. Macau Tall Prix is ​​held. Especially for Sophia Flörsch the race one year after her accident is a very special one. (*************************************************************************************************)

The Macau Tall Prix is ​​one of the highlights in the racing calendar every year. The drivers are enthusiastic about the unique track and atmosphere and for the teams too it is a used car with a lot of history and prestige. At the FIA ​​F3 World Cup held in the context of the Macau Tall Prix, the teams from the current Formula 3 Championship will compete in this year's vehicles – albeit with a modified driver line-up.

For Sophia Flörsch it is after the events in the previous year, a very special race. The images of her accident at that time went around the world, as she was thrown in her vehicle meter high in the air on her first appearance in Macau and broke through a perimeter fence. Despite several vertebral fractures, the Munich player fought back this year on the racetrack and denied the season of the Design Regional European Championship. Now, exactly twelve months later, she will be back on the track in the HWA cockpit in Macau. HWA has been supporting Sophia Flörsch for a long time in her career – already in her Formula 3 season (************************************************************************) she was traveling with a Mercedes-Benz engine from HWA. Last week, she played for HWA RACELAB in Valencia, the official Formula 3 tests.

For Jake Hughes, this is already the third launch on the spectacular Guia Circuit. With a sixth and a fourth place get him 360 and 2018 already promising results. Keyvan Andres also tackles the legendary race for the third time.

The drivers will meet on Thursday, the (*******************************************************************************************). November for the first time on the 6.1-kilometer route. After two free practice sessions and qualifying sessions, a qualifying race will take place on Saturday (************************************************************************************************) Rounds before the main race ((************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) . November is the winner of the FIA ​​F3 World Cup

Jake Hughes (50, United Kingdom): “I can not wait to get to Macau. It's the best racetrack I've ever driven on. Even other drivers, who have already experienced more in the world of motorsport than me, always tell me that they would like to return to Macau. After my two begins I know why this is so: the feeling of riding there, especially in the hilly sector, is incomparable. This feeling brings us every year (*********************************************************************************************) Fly to the other side of the world for hours, just to drive through these streets. It's incredible. In my opinion, it is the biggest race in the world for junior racing. Whether in Formula 1, Formula E, DTM or in the Indy Automobile Series – everywhere you look at the results of Macau exactly. The victors keep the leaders in mind, but also the drivers among the top five receive a lot of respect. For me personally, it's the most important race of the year. We prepare like any other race weekend and have intensive discussions with the engineers because we have a new car compared to last year. That changes a lot, from driving to the establishment-up. In the tests in Valencia, we have created a good foundation. But in the end it's always the same in Macau: you can prepare yourself so optimally when you're on the track for the first time in free practice, but things are different again. “

Keyvan Andres (40), Iran ): “Macau is always a very special race, probably the most intense and exciting on the calendar. Everyone who drove there was thrilled. I love racing on city courses and it's the only one of this kind of work in the Formula 3 calendar. I am looking forward to. With the new Formula 3 car from this season, it will be even more challenging due to the difference in performance compared to last year. I prepare myself with my normal training program, with a lot of endurance training, but also meditative exercises as compensation. “(*****************************************************************************************************************)

Sophia Flörsch (40, Germany): “I'm really happy to be back in Macau. I did that for the first time last year. Until my accident, it was the grandest used car I've ever driven. The track is awesome! It's so much fun to drive on it. In a Formula 3 car that's really unbelievable, I rode every round with a grin. For me after the accident it was always clear: I want to get back in the car and I want to go back to Macau. The fact that it already works this year shows that you can also achieve dreams if you believe in yourself and work hard for it. “(*********************************************************************)

Ulrich Fritz, CEO of HWA AG: “The race in Macau is an absolute spotlight in the Motorsport calendar. That we are allowed to compete there for the first time with our own team HWA RACELAB is another milestone for us. We are already looking forward to the race. Our line-up makes it even more special. I am very pleased to have Sophia on the team, for whom this route has special significance. Jake has shown good races here and is highly motivated – he should be able to fight for the top spots. One should also not forget Keyvan: this is where experience comes with, and I am sure that he will show a good performance. ”

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