(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Nico Hülkenberg will start as Eleventh in the US Massive Prix. The German missed the entry into the Q3 by exactly one tenth of a second. Teammate Daniel Ricciardo kicked out the Emmericher in the Q2 session with his round, the Australian finished in Q3 in ninth place . He battles three tenths faster.

Nico Hülkenberg


Nico Hülkenberg is in qualifier eleventh, just behind Daniel Ricciardo Zoom Get 27

While Ricciardo will start on Sunday with the used soft tire, Hulkenberg is the first driver to reach the top 10 benefit from the free choice of tires. “For our fight in the World Cup, it's not bad that we've covered both flanks,” he knows

“Changed into once is right, we'll only know after the first stint . ” According to tire supplier Pirelli should a Einstoppstrategie with Commence on the Comfy and change (between round 25 and Followed by a Commence on the medium and a change ((************************************************************************************************************)) on the Laborious.

Hulkenberg: “It does not battle quite harmoniously”

Ricciardo believes that a stopper on Comfy ” become tight. However, he expects better chances than in Mexico, where the tire wear, especially on the soft tires very high battle. “The numbers say we can do it, we just have to find out if this really is the faster race, maybe you have to slow it down and tonight we'll figure out if it's better.”

Either attack with two stops or take out a bit of speed for a stop, he enumerates the variants. Although the shorter pit lane would speak for a two-stop, the Australian is nevertheless convinced that only one stop would be better.

Both drivers were satisfied with the car in qualifying. Hülkenberg notes after the time hunt, however, that he had problems with the rear and not quite in the rhythm. “It does not sound quite harmonious then you do not feel well, so I did not find the last one, two tenths anymore.”

(*************************************************************************) Massive Prix of the USA – Saturday (*********************************************************************)

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) und Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Max Verstappen (Crimson Bull) ) Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) und Max Verstappen (Red Bull) Gallery

His garage neighbor speaks of a “better” qualifying than last. “The last few times I've been a bit annoyed – mostly about myself,” admits Ricciardo. In Russia and Mexico, he had expected “more” of himself, in Japan, he had an Articulate.

“Today I'm happier with my lap. We have a bit used after the final training I've got a better feeling, it battles every bustle quite intestine. ” He was three tenths behind the McLaren pilots.

Those were out of reach for him, had to recognize Ricciardo. “Yeah, they're our goal this year, but towards the end of the season we have to accept that they were better, they'll be quicker than us most of the time, that's the way it is.” There's no point in being disappointed. ” to land the McLaren, was on Saturday “the optimum” been. Based on the race simulations on Friday, the Formula 1 has calculated that Renaults Rennerspace will fail with about 1.6 seconds behind expert lap on front-runner Mercedes. With McLaren on the same footing, only Racing Level is still a bit ahead

Hulkenberg, however, does not take this forecast seriously: “The battle Friday, tomorrow is Sunday, with an empty tank it ran not so intestine, but we really hit the longruns in cool temperatures. ” Ricciardo adds: “I do not know how intestine the McLarens were, but if we can get involved with them, it would be a positive mark for us.”

Both riders see the likelihood, on Sunday (************************************************************************************************************************************). Currently, the French are nine points ahead of Toro Rosso and Racing Level. Although Pierre Gasly is quite intestine, Sergio Perez has to start from the pit lane.

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