(Motorsport-Total.com) – On a model in which Eintracht Frankfurt won 5: 1 against Bayern Munich, Sebastian Vettel loses the pole set in Austin by only 0, 012 seconds . Does the loss on Saturday in Texas weigh less heavily after this result in the German Bundesliga? “Are we playing soccer here or are we racing?” Wondered the Heppenheimer laughing

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel is on Sunday in Austin on P2 Zoom


He wonders, “Struggle it out Do you have any questions about the qualifying? I think there was rain forecast for China tomorrow, should I comment on that too? “Vettel continues at the press conference castle. “I've heard it should snow in Finland,” added Valtteri Bottas with amusement.

Shortly before the start of qualifying, he learned of the strong results of his favorite club. However, this had no effect on his performance. He narrowly missed the seventh Ferrari pole in the series, but he can still look forward to his 100th first row on the grid.

Vettel: “My Thought did not quite go up”

“Oh, I'm getting old!”, He points out. He was happy about the Ferrari in qualifying, he had a lot of fun driving, he says. “But if you're that close to the Pole, then I think Valtteri just had a little more fun today.”

Vettel could already do his first Q3 try move to second place, the 0, Seconds back he did not catch up in the second attempt. “I did a very good first lap, but da battle was still a little bit as soon as in there.”

Especially in the last sector: “Da battle I'm a bit too conservative “, he concludes. A look at the sector times shows: Bottas took third place in the sector 0, (*******************************************************) Seconds out and drove absolute sector best time, as well as in sector 2 (-0, 620 seconds). Only in sector 1 battle Bottas slower than Vettel ( 0, 109377)

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Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Max Verstappen (Crimson Bull) Gallery

“I wanted to Just play it safe and set a fast lap first, I could improve myself in the second try but unfortunately I did not make any improvement, my thought did not quite work out. “

Although battle Vettel in his second attempt in the third sector a little closer to Bottas turn ( 0, 108), but the Finn reduced his n backlog in sector 1 and still keeping the best time in sector 2. The bottom line was therefore 0, (*****************************************************************************) seconds ago.

“We wanted to continue the series,” says team boss Mattia Binotto after the timed hunt. “I think Bottas has done a fantastic lap time with a great last sector and the backlog is minimal, so it's not surprising that there is no Ferrari on pole,” he says. The team wants to reverse the pattern on Sunday

Instead of not winning from the pole set – “usazuletzt has not brought any luck” – wants to attack Vettel from starting position two. “The distance [zur ersten Kurve] looks a bit shorter from the inside,” he laughs. “But I have to say that second.”

The four-time world champion knows he has the power advantage on his side: “Everyone says we have more energy, maybe usadas will help yes, if it goes uphill, because you will need more energy, we will all try to do well, but the fact that things are uphill does not really change became as soon as, except that the brakes are a bit trickier. “

He will drive next to Bottas in the direction of turn 1. Could the Finn want to avoid a tough duel due to the World Cup fight? “I do not know, I'll just overtake him and then we'll see!”, Vettel jokes. “If he thinks that way, then I'll have a good likelihood, but this will be a long race, and if I can, I'll overtake.”


From Vettel's there's a small slap for the twelve hundredths Zoom (*****************************************************************) Download

Sebastian Vettel

Used to make him feel particularly confident are the changes he made on Saturday. “The car felt much better today than yesterday, became as soon as we needed.” Although he did not perform longer lungruns in the third coaching, he was hopeful that he could keep up with that vote in the race.

On Friday, according to official calculations, Ferrari pokes in the race simulation Formula 1 expert lap on average 0.3 seconds behind Mercedes. “We've done a lot of change in the morning, which has helped as soon as, and that will help in the race as well, but we will not find out how it will affect the pace until tomorrow.”

Especially on the hard tire he had difficulties on Friday. “We just could not get them to work, but that should not be a predicament tomorrow.”

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