Verstappen: Hamilton has us all **** and it's his **** snort


Max Verstappen, who, along with Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Kvyat, were one of the actors in the incident in the second part of the qualification, is convinced that the fault of the impending encounter is a meeting between the three exclusively on the side of the Mercedes racer.

Hamilton is in 16. Verstappna and Kvyata overtook the bend, preparing for the fast lap, and intense competition for track position flared up among the racers.

Fia decided not to investigate the incident, and Verstappen was furious at the qualifications:

“Hamilton is all about us **** and it's his **** snort. We queued up to make room for a quick lap, while he drove past as if he were alone on the track and didn't care about anyone. At the time, I told myself that if he didn't care then he didn't, and I tried to overtake him. It's about respect and Hamilton showed him nothing. “

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