Comment: Hamilton is the sixth Formula One World Champion, but what the hell happened to Ferrari?


Lewis Hamilton is expected to confirm his sixth World Championship title in Austin, which he undoubtedly deserved. He has been racing extremely well throughout the season, making very few mistakes. Hamilton may not like it because of his slightly eccentric lifestyle, but he is remarkable on the track, and that's a fact.

If Hamilton's title win in Austin was to be expected, we can't say that for Ferrari's form, which, unlike in recent races, was mediocre. The Ferrari, which shone straight after the summer break, performed extremely poorly in Austin. Sebastian Vettel resigned from the start at the start of the collapse and Charles Leclerc was invisible throughout the race, taking fourth place in the finish line, 52 seconds behind Bottas winner.

The strangest thing about the whole case, however, is the fact that the fall of the Ferrari's form completely coincides with a directive in which the FIA ​​made clear this weekend that it would be a system to blind the flow sensors fuels against Formula One rules The FIA ​​has responded to the directive by Red Bull, as Milton Keynes is suspected to be the cause of Ferrari's dominance after the summer break.

Although Ferrari has not yet been proven by anyone with its sensor manipulation, Scuderia has certainly not done itself a great favor with its Austin show. The fact that Mercedes was in another sector, which is actually a single long plane this time faster than Ferrari, will certainly raise further suspicions in the F1 paddock, and the Maranell team will be under increasing scrutiny from both competition and FIE.

Max Verstappen has already sent some arrows after the race against Ferrari, with the Dutchman saying, “This is what happens when you stop cheating”, likely revealing Red Bull's belief that Ferrari is actually manipulating flow sensors fuel and with a special system provides additional flow at the moment when the sensor does not perform measurements.

It will be interesting to watch the events of the last two races of the season, as all teams already use the latest drive unit specifications. As Mercedes gets faster into the final slopes of Interlagos, however, it will all become more suspicious.

Matej Plesey

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