1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)



(Performed by Martin Brundle)


Q: Valtteri Bottas, pole map to victory and also you’ve simply beaten on the ideal drivers of all time in System 1 ancient previous. Attempt to be so overjoyed with that victory?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, it’s a good capture. Feels lawful. It simply felt very lawful for the rationale that day prior to this, the automobile, and yeah, we had a important jog so we had been ready to win the capture. It modified into once the ideal I could truly focal level on and carry out this weekend by map of the championship, but obviously it modified into once no longer enough and Lewis got the title…


Q: You weren’t lucky with the traffic. Became there a degree where you thought ‘I’d no longer capture this now’? You truly had to attain serve serve at Lewis and his jog modified into once astonishing.

VB: Yeah, I wasn’t pretty particular which strategy modified into once going to be ending up the upper one, but fortunately my jog modified into once lawful so I could win even that two-end happen, which modified into once no longer planned first and major. Yeah, we each had some traffic right here and there.


Q: Maintain you bought a rapid notice about Lewis and for Lewis?

VB: Yeah, obviously substantial congrats to him. I for my section failed on my target this year, but there’s repeatedly next season. Nonetheless he deserves it. He had some season.


Q: OK, we’re going to consult with the six-time world champion. He had a righteous 2d location on the present time as successfully. Lewis Hamilton, congratulations, six situations an global champion. You’re one particular of the righteous Fangio and also you’re one within the serve of Michael Schumacher, bless him. How does that in actuality feel? What’s going thru your head?

Lewis HAMILTON: It’s simply overwhelming if I’m truly horny. It modified into once the sort of fancy escape on the present time. The day earlier than on the present time modified into once truly a fancy day for us. Valtteri did an inconceivable job, so huge congratulations to him. This day I truly simply desired to recuperate and tell the one-two for the group. I didn’t think the one-end modified into once going to be that you simply would possibly maybe think of but I worked as laborious as I could. I’m simply stuffed with so important emotion. I appreciate my whole group right here, each person serve on the manufacturing facility. I’ve got my mum and my dad, my stepmum and my stepdad right here, my uncle George and my aunt from Trinidad, and all of the household serve home obviously. It’s simply an honour to be up right here with those greats.


Q: Mountainous commence: you went across the Ferraris, so now you’ve attach yourself into effective championship map. You have to per chance maybe need attach your feet up, but you fair by no map stop carry out you?

LH: My dad knowledgeable me after I modified into once admire six or seven years obsolete to by no map stop and that’s type of the household motto, so no. I modified into once pushing as laborious as I could. I modified into once hopeful that I could be ready to capture on the present time but it undoubtedly didn’t appreciate it within the tyres sadly.


Q: How a ways are you able to hasten? How many championships? True where can this dwell?

LH: I don’t know about championships but as an athlete I truly feel novel as would possibly also be correct now, so I’m willing for these next races, we obtained’t let up, we’ll again pushing. I’ve got to converse a substantial, substantial thanks to all group LH across the field, each person that has attain out right here this weekend to truly win this tournament what it is, and furthermore to all of the Brits and individuals with the UK flags supporting me this weekend. Thanks so important from the backside of my coronary heart.


Q: Congratulations once all another time. Max, you kept the righteous Mercedes group very horny on the present time, you pushed admire crazy, but within the dwell the strategy didn’t pretty figure out for you?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Properly, it didn’t figure out but I think we did the acceptable we could. They had been simply a puny bit sooner on the present time. I attempted to take care of end in case something took place. For us it modified into once a extremely lawful escape. It modified into once relaxing, I could soundless stare the autos sooner than me and I think we had pretty decent jog on the present time.


Q: Yeah you maybe did. Your jog modified into once relentless. We thought you had been going to appreciate a likelihood to put off and hasten Lewis correct on the dwell. Became that to your mind too?

MV: Yeah, but there modified into once a yellow flag on the serve straight, so I couldn’t expend the DRS. Otherwise, I think we would were 2d on the present time, but on the other hand soundless lawful to be on the rostrum.


Q: And a rapid notice about Lewis?

MV: Yeah, needless to converse very impressive. Yeah, what else to converse? He’s simply doing phenomenally. He has a righteous group within the serve of him, and, yeah, I hope we are in a position to capture the combat to them next year.




Q: Valtteri, many congratulations, you nailed it this weekend, a hit from pole map. Did that you simply can maybe need gotten any issues all the perfect diagram thru that escape?

VB: Thanks. Clearly, a extremely lawful weekend, some important progress since final year on a notice I struggled with rather. So yeah, obviously, as an particular person escape weekend, truly ecstatic. Crossing the freeway truly made me overjoyed, because it modified into once no longer a straightforward escape. Regardless that the commence went as planned, it modified into once important, furthermore the first stint. Nonetheless for me, Plan A modified into once to protect out one end, but Max pitted pretty early, moved to two stops, so I had to capture a eye at to disguise him after which I went for two stops as successfully. Lewis stayed long, he tried to protect out one end and one stage I disturbed that it modified into once going to be the next strategy for him. All I could modified into once focal level on my each lap, nook, making an try to supreme the entirety, , with the traffic, all that, making an try to minimise the losses and maximise all of the gains I could. Then it modified into once all about seeing in direction of the dwell of the escape where we’re. And my jog modified into once lawful on the present time and on the dwell I could put off Lewis and appreciate some lawful fighting with him now not off route, which I enjoyed, and it modified into once a lawful feeling to win forward and to capture the escape admire that it feels lawful when it doesn’t attain easy.


Q: Properly carried out Valtteri, 2d capture in three races, very important dwell to the season for you. Max, coming to you: without that yellow flag on the dwell for Magnussen would possibly maybe well that you simply can maybe need gotten had a hasten for 2d location?

MV: Yeah, totally. Thanks to that it is crucial to grab off, otherwise I would appreciate positively passed by. Nonetheless that’s the perfect diagram it is. In most cases those things happen. Total, we had a extremely lawful escape. I modified into once simply struggling with some unfamiliar oversteer within the automobile. In the commence, they acknowledged it modified into once my front dawdle, which had a puny little bit of injury but after the escape I looked on the automobile and I modified into once missing a substantial fragment of my ground in front of the rear tyre, so that positively imprint me a vogue of lap time on the present time. I don’t know when it took place but already pretty like a flash into the escape I had this unfamiliar behaviour from the automobile, which I had no longer felt sooner than. So that’s rather unhappy and otherwise I think we would were stronger on the present time. Nonetheless soundless, to be on the rostrum right here after a extremely particular weekend in trendy I think modified into once a extremely lawful success for us.




Q: (Abhishek Aggarwal – Indiainf1.com) My rely on is for Max. As you finished third on the present time and within the championship functions you would possibly maybe be closing the outlet now, carry out you think with two races final you would possibly maybe pretty be triumphant in sooner than the Ferrari driver and be triumphant within the outlet and end in at three?

MV: I think the outlet to third is rather substantial. It would possibly maybe be a puny bit too substantial to end, but let’s stare. This day modified into once lawful for that. Nonetheless needless to converse my previous couple of races we lost so many functions, that modified into once no longer very most attention-grabbing. I quiz we are going to be aggressive within the final two races so let’s stare the perfect diagram it is going to all figure out for us. It’s miles needless to converse repeatedly better to be triumphant in third than fourth or fifth, even though I think all individuals desires to be first, but we are going to strive the entirety we are in a position to.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Valtteri, I explain you knew coming into this that it’d be no longer in all probability that you simply would dwell in title rivalry, so the truth that Lewis has wrapped it up right here, does it capture the sting out of that to capture but furthermore capture within the vogue that you simply maybe did and beat Lewis now not off route in a straight combat?

VB: This weekend, a hit it modified into once the ideal ingredient I could carry out to capture a eye at and protect the title hopes and lengthen them. Clearly I did my segment, which feels lawful, but Lewis modified into once important this weekend, as he repeatedly is, so he got some important functions and got the championship. I’ve got blended emotions, truly. As an particular person weekend it modified into once important but then, on the several hand, I felt this year being better of the comfort it doesn’t truly feel lawful. Nonetheless it undoubtedly repeatedly need a puny little bit of positives as successfully, . It’s my most attention-grabbing season in System One to this level, so that’s lawful, and taking a eye at totally different positives, I’ve made huge gains in many areas, by map of escape jog and the entirety. Nonetheless yeah, a hit the escape this diagram, Lewis soundless… I’m particular he truly desired to capture this escape, to capture the title by a hit the escape, I could end that and that feels lawful, obviously. Nonetheless I simply rely on next year – it’s a brand novel quite plenty of.


Q: (Luis Vasconcelos – System Press) Valtteri, the first time you passed Lewis it modified into once pretty straightforward, there modified into once an unlimited jog differential. The 2d time you had two attempts: the first one you had to head huge and the 2d one you made it. Can you talk is thru those final two attempts?

VB: Yeah, I modified into once closing in, there modified into once furthermore some traffic furthermore forward. Lewis had rather of a mistake in Flip 11, so I could win this significant quite plenty of. He covered the inner, so I had to capture the out of doors line, even though I modified into once forward, but he braked very tiring, so at final I had to escape off the notice to protect a ways from the collision, but it undoubtedly’s handsome because if I modified into once at his map I would appreciate carried out the identical, to protect as successfully as you would possibly maybe, so I’m handsome with that. Different quite plenty of: all another time I think he went rather huge on Flip 8 or 9, so I could win very end sooner than the serve straight after which it modified into once a ways more straightforward. Again, I had lawful momentum out of exit of 11, got the tow and got him. So, then, after that, it felt admire job carried out and tried to win automobile home without errors.


Q: (Lawrence Edmonson – ESPN) A rely on for Valtteri. Congrats on the capture but as you mention it’s fair a puny bittersweet. So whereas you look serve on the year, where carry out you think it got a ways from and what carry out you think, within the slay, modified into once the variation between you and Lewis this year?

VB: Total I think there had been a number of errors, for particular, from my aspect I must were ready to protect a ways from. There had been a couple on escape starts, on the very least some of them had been errors, some had been maybe unlucky moments but they made me study. Then a number of qualifyings I messed up in Q3, positively, which imprint me starting map for the escape and compromised the escape and I lost functions due to the that. After which, otherwise, I don’t know, success, unluck (sic) whatever has been pretty even for me and Lewis total, so he’s simply been on a righteous stage all another time this year, each escape, and I’ve no longer been ready to be at my very, most attention-grabbing that you simply would possibly maybe think of each escape, but a ways more repeatedly than ever sooner than, so the route is particular for me by map of my development, total. It’s a lawful momentum now and by map of escape jog, which has been my weakness within the years sooner than, I’ve made huge gains by working truly laborious with the engineers, , each aspect of my using and situation-up. That’s getting better and that supplies me truly self belief for next year and, now not like on the dwell of ultimate year, now I truly rely on the year forward, and I’m already angry to commence the next season and commence from novel. So that’s going to be lawful relaxing.


Q: (Stew Myrick – KTXX FM) Congratulations to you each to your respective finishes. There modified into once talk on Friday about bumps on the notice, on particular parts of the notice. For each of you, how important of a arena modified into once that on the present time and the perfect diagram important did it alternate your strategy going into on the present time’s escape?

VB: Very most life like truly the ideal enact by map of using modified into once making an try to protect a ways from errors into Flip One with the bumps within the braking zone. Other than that, there modified into once a line in Flip 9 where there modified into once a substantial bump that you simply would possibly maybe kind-of appreciate a puny bit less of an affect with that line, that you simply can maybe lose a puny little bit of time. So, repeatedly after I could, I attempted to control the automobile by taking that line, taking the time loss but making particular we didn’t injury the automobile – because obviously, instance Sebastian, he had injury in his suspension, maybe due to the the bumps, so we tried to play estimable when we could – but totally different than that it modified into once no longer too execrable. I think it brings rather of persona to the notice. Clearly sometimes visibility is glum due to the that but hopefully they don’t win any worse because which can be complex to tackle.


MV: I don’t mind bumps but they’re almost admire ramps in some areas. Nonetheless anyway, I think they’re going to alter it for next year. I think now we appreciate talked enough about it.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Quiz for each of you. Ferrari modified into once pretty important for the rationale that summer wreck. This day they had been nowhere. Maintain you been shocked by their efficiency and carry out that you simply can maybe need gotten an reason within the serve of that?

MV: No longer shocked. In any respect. About it. After what came out. So that explains the entirety.

VB: What came out?

MV: The fragment of paper.

VB: I haven’t seen it.


Max isn’t shocked. Are you shocked Valtteri?

MV: Clearly!

VB: Of route, I’m. Because I haven’t seen that fragment of paper. Watch forward to seeing it. Nonetheless yeah, it modified into once crazy. For the rationale that starting up of the escape they had been a ways-off – but Crimson Bull modified into once truly important on the present time, as they’ve been now all around the attach the attach recently. So… yep.


Q: (Peter Windsor – Clarksport) Congratulations Valtteri on a astonishing pole and capture. True going serve to your using all another time, there modified into once a 2d whereas you didn’t know whereas that you simply can maybe be racing for Mercedes after this year, and the contract modified into once taken up, and it modified into once presented that you simply had been staying – and I’m questioning within the withstand that, how important uncertainty there would possibly maybe wish been to your mind, and whether that will need affected your skill to work as you simply described, and the perfect diagram long that interval went on for – or modified into once it a given to your mind that it modified into once repeatedly going to happen?

VB: There modified into once positively uncertainty for 2020 at some level. Hundreds rumours. I had no thought what modified into once going to happen. I simply had to again. So, for particular, as an athlete, as a driver, it’s no longer an very most attention-grabbing scenario. You have to per chance maybe well’t be totally with peace of mind and focal level on the job and, y’know, truly feel mentally free and within the acceptable location. It’s tricky. When that continues, , year after year, each year of your career, at some level it’s getting a disaster within the ass – so it’s positively effective to win the contract signed. Nonetheless, it’s going to be the identical epic next year. Nonetheless no longer too disturbed at this level for the rationale that jog is lawful, I ride the using, I ride working with the group and hope they love that as successfully.


[Valtteri and Max leave, Lewis arrives]


Q: (Abhishek Aggarwal – indiaInf1.com) Lewis, congratulations initially. In two out of two races we’ve seen you went on with the one-end strategy. Became that repeatedly the knowing or are you kind-of improvising, the tyres are responding lawful and also you would possibly maybe be making it work ‘til the dwell?

LH: Properly, on the present time, I think it on the starting up looked admire it modified into once going to be a one-stopper but that modified once the temperatures came up on the present time. You have to per chance maybe stare the guys forward had been starting up to fight on their tyres. Max then stopped pretty early. So, I don’t think the group modified into once waiting for to protect out a two-end, for particular, and on my aspect, I modified into once pondering, ‘OK, I’m starting fifth, I’ve got to resolve out how carry out I win to first.’ That’s all I’m pondering all day: how I could capture this escape. And so, I nursed those tyres admire the acceptable that I could maybe carry out. And I think that’s maybe been an accurate strength of mine this year. I think I’ve repeatedly been ready to protect out that vogue of ingredient but to win the automobile in a map where you’re ready to protect out that, and each year I’ve been getting better at it. And to eke as important as I could out of those tyres, I modified into once so end to being simply ready to protect those guys within the serve of – but I’m grateful to were ready to make a contribution to the group getting the 1-2.


Q: (Frederic Ferret – L’Equipe) How would you payment this title compared to the 5 sooner than? Is it the most attention-grabbing or the toughest?

LH: No map has it been the most attention-grabbing. It’s been the hardest year for us as a group. We lost Niki this year. An crucial member and an accurate pivotal member of our group and the emotional rollercoaster that we’ve been on with losing him, and a escape where I didn’t appreciate Bono right here, out of doors of the automobile, simply making an try to dwell focussed at some level of the year. That is the toughest, and handiest truly totally different athletes who’re on the terminate of their game can truly, maybe linked to it, maybe because it’s simply: arrive: week-in, week-out, can’t plunge the ball – admire I did the day prior to this, as an illustration – and being about to leap serve from the complex… the lower days. And this automobile has no longer been easy, no longer been easy for us. It’s no longer been easy for us. We started the season in actuality going off to Melbourne pondering that we had been going to be within the serve of. Mid-level of the season we had been within the serve of, and it’s been an accurate scenario, this 2d half of of the season. It’s been the toughest 2d half of of the season that I think we’ve had as a group, fighting in opposition to Ferrari and Crimson Bull, which is righteous, we welcome that. Nonetheless, I don’t know, every stir is totally different. Annually you struggle thru a special rollercoaster scoot of emotions to win to where you’re going. I wrote something in my post this morning, that every and each single one of us is struggling with something in life. No topic it will in all probability be: diminutive, substantial. I attempted to level to individuals that, from the out of doors, things repeatedly look righteous but it undoubtedly’s no longer repeatedly the case. And I’m furthermore struggling with a vogue of assorted things and struggling with particular demons and making an try to win particular I’m repeatedly rising as an particular person. I think the day prior to this modified into once something that modified into once despatched to take a look at me, and I modified into once ready to protect out one of my current races on the present time, I think. I modified into once truly overjoyed with that one.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Congratulations Lewis. Because you’ve had this escape of success now with Mercedes, I explain one of the things that sometimes critics rely on is how important of it as group and automobile – but whereas you examine Ferrari, they’ve had their strongest season to this level and also you and Mercedes appreciate soundless pretty important wiped the ground with them. So how good is it to appreciate built this group around you. And a 2d rely on on Ferrari. Are you shocked at how important they extinct from competitiveness this weekend particularly?

LH: On the efficiency aspect, no I’m no longer shocked. You saw that advantage they’d thru the season, and even final year. They’d an unlimited quantity of vitality, but more so this year, out of nowhere, had a tonne of vitality and I truly simply think, at will, every time they wanted they perceived to appreciate more. This weekend, I don’t know how their flee traces with ours but it undoubtedly’s positively no longer admire it feeble to be. It modified into once seven-tenths we had been losing on the straights sooner than. Winning world titles. There’s no longer a single driver within the previous that’s obtained a title without having a righteous group around him. There’s no longer a single world tennis participant that’s obtained a title without having a righteous group around him. It’s segment of the game and it’s the vogue you navigate, and the vogue you utilise those tools which could be around you and individuals individuals around you to form the perfect diagram forward for the stir that you simply guys are on. And I’m simply a chink the chain with this group but I truly feel very, very privileged and truly feel very… I truly feel truly overjoyed with my contribution, y’know? That I’ve been ready to assist steer the group within the acceptable route with the map, with the vogue the automobile must win sooner. And, more repeatedly than no longer appreciate delivered performances for them when we’ve had a automobile that’s sooner than the others and furthermore when the automobile has no longer been as rapid as the others. Severely that final year, they had been fair too rapid for us to beat but we out-willed them, we had to out-think them and we did that collectively as a group.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Lewis, I do know you’ve talked about qualifying this year and also you no longer being overjoyed with that, but total you’ve kept up a extremely constant stage, maybe the very ideal I think we’ve seen from you. Would you divulge this has truly been your most attention-grabbing season total, as a driver?

LH: I think so. I positively think so. I think final year modified into once a year of simply actual growth and I think this year has furthermore been actual growth but I attempted to win particular I’ve started the season as I finished final year. And I think that’s simply stayed thru the season. In the event you looked, I’ve been very constant in qualifying. I’ve no longer had in particular spectacular pole positions that in all probability I did final year – but it undoubtedly’s been, y’know, first, 2d row the huge majority of the time, in its place of for this weekend. And in its place of Hockenheim – but I’ll give myself a hasten for that weekend because I wasn’t truly 100 per cent. Otherwise I think it’s been the acceptable performing year and I think I’m truly simply making an try to… I’m working on a masterpiece and I haven’t pretty finished it but, so I’m making an try to imprint… it takes a truly long time to grasp a craft and at the same time as I truly feel admire I’m mastering it, there’s soundless more to grasp. There’s soundless more to add to it. There’s soundless more pieces to the puzzle to add. There’s going to be more americaand downs along the vogue but I truly feel admire I’ve got the acceptable tools now, to this level on the very least, in narrate to tackle those.


Q: (Peter Windsor – Clarksport) You’ve repeatedly acknowledged that you simply would capture every escape as it comes; you’re taking a eye forward to the next escape already and the perfect diagram motivated you would possibly maybe be to capture. Nonetheless the championship is there now and I’m to understand now whether – taking a eye serve on the day prior to this – maybe what took place the day prior to this wouldn’t appreciate took place if the championship hadn’t been so end? That’s one rely on, and as a make of corollary to that, whereas you awakened this morning, had been you pondering ‘got to capture on the present time’; or had been you pondering ‘got to win the championship carried out on the present time’? Or each? Or neither?

LH: I awakened this morning and I wasn’t truly pondering of the championship. I think truly I generally strive to attach that repeatedly within the serve of my mind and all the perfect diagram thru the season I’m generally no longer brooding about it, I’m taking it one escape at a time. That’s worked for me within the previous and so what ain’t broke don’t fix it. Every weekend there’s a special win-up to it, there’s a special stir in direction of… in that week or two gap that that you simply can maybe need gotten and also you stumble upon so many quite plenty of individuals, totally different territories that you simply’re in and it’s an accurate roller coaster and each time you’ve got to attain with particular energy, with the acceptable fitness, the acceptable psychological attitude. So anyways, the day prior to this… it sucked, ? I truly admire qualifying and I modified into once procuring for a type of special laps and it modified into once below realistic. I practised it, practised it and practised it and to think that we’re in direction of the dwell of the year and I’m soundless having those experiences… it’s OK because if it modified into once all lawful and extremely most attention-grabbing there could be nothing to be hooked in to. I came right here on the present time in fifth, realizing that it’s going to be a extremely, very complex escape. I watched all of the starts from all of the previous seasons that we’ve had right here, making an try to resolve out where I’m going to location the automobile first and major of the escape and all I could stare modified into once first location. How carry out I win to the man that’s correct on first. I wasn’t even taking a eye at… after I modified into once in third, I wasn’t even taking a eye on the blue automobile that modified into once sooner than me, I modified into once taking a eye at Valtteri and that’s how I’m built, I’m repeatedly taking a eye and questioning… I modified into once admire, don’t give me the situations of the automobile sooner than me, I have to know the situations of the automobile forward because that’s the one I’m making an try to beat. So that’s how I’m wired and I modified into once hopeful that doubtlessly this… there modified into once a protracted map to head on those laborious tyres. So I attempted no longer to doubt that we could win it. Nonetheless Valtteri did a righteous job on the present time so hats off to him and I’m truly essentially ecstatic for him and he’s carried out an inconceivable job this year. He’s taken an accurate step in efficiency and I expose you what’s truly laborious: whereas you’re within the group, you assist every totally different sharpen your tools so after I work with an engineer… I’m pretty particular Bono’s repeatedly been a righteous engineer but I capture to think that thru our collaboration, I think he’s now maybe the ideal he’s ever been as an engineer and the identical for me as a driver. And whereas you’re employed with those individuals closely after which your quantity two goes over to the person within the several automobile after which starts to utilise what you’ve experienced for all those years to present advantage to the several driver, that makes it truly laborious, so that is why it’s maybe been even more of a scenario, in particular from at some level of the group to work with the first year novel man in Marcus, who’s carried out an inconceivable job but it undoubtedly wasn’t so easy first and major. After which all my cards were confirmed on the several aspect so developing novel systems, developing novel thought processes, making an try to truly be innovative in the case of my using vogue, having to capture a eye at and again an ace within the pocket. Where the hell carry out you seek that feeble time, so you’re repeatedly recreating the vogue you hasten about using and inspect no longer to level to the entirety, , and I think this year, as I acknowledged, I think he’s carried out an inconceivable job but I’ve simply managed to protect that edge which gave us this championship.


Q: (Ben Hunt – The Sun) Lewis, I modified into once struck by something you simply acknowledged to one of the previous answers, you had been talking about dim or demons. You mentioned demons, struggling with demons. Would you care to give an explanation for from now on on that at all? It simply strikes me as a unfamiliar time to mention that, given the success that you simply’ve had this year.

LH: Properly, no longer in particular; to every and every person of us is inner most, what all of us scenario whereas you look within the mirror each day, whereas you would possibly maybe be feeling lawful or you would possibly maybe be feeling execrable for whatever reason. There’s repeatedly the darker aspect that’s repeatedly making an try to tug you down and also you’re repeatedly having to wake up… I don’t know the vogue you guys wake up within the morning but I look within the mirror and I’m making an try to grab myself up and divulge ‘scamper, you would possibly maybe carry out it. Yes, you would possibly maybe be righteous. Yes you can also be match whereas you hasten and fasten that point in. Yes, you would possibly maybe capture this escape whereas you carry out the acceptable steps and also you continue to think in yourself, and no person else is going to protect out it for you.’ So it’s simply encouraging yourself repeatedly and I’m simply making an try to level to a aspect that I didn’t imprint that we’re all identical in many systems. I would divulge this year that losing Niki, I didn’t think that modified into once going to hit me as laborious as it did. It truly modified into once upsetting and I hasten over him dearly on the present time and I didn’t realise how important I loved the man, from the 2d that he modified into once calling me, after I modified into once serve home, asking me to attain serve to the group, to when we sat collectively within the resort in Singapore, the weekend my gearbox broke at McLaren, to him repeatedly taking his hat off so our negotiations to all kinds. Mountainous conversations about his planes, that modified into once a fancy pivot level for us within the dwell and furthermore we lost a young puny one in Spa. Again, I saw it on the TV, I saw it happen. That all another time, when something admire that happens, can attach a vogue of doubts to your mind and batting that off and pondering OK, jeez, is it time to end or shall I again going, because there’s a vogue of life afterwards. I soundless have to use time with my household, I soundless have to appreciate a household one day, all these quite plenty of things, but I’m so charged to protect out… and I truly admire doing what I carry out so important that I don’t think there’s loads that will per chance maybe in particular end me in that sense.


Q: (Rebecca Clancy – The Instances) Lewis, six World titles, it doesn’t simply attach you amongst the greats of System One drivers, it arguably makes you one of the ideal British athletes ever. How carry out you win your head around that, is that something you would possibly maybe be ready to imprint but?

LH: I don’t stare no – and I don’t know why, I truly don’t know why. How am I supposed to truly feel, ? I modified into once simply announcing out there within the scrum that I be unsleeping watching this sport after I modified into once younger, waking up, attain downstairs, my stepmum, Linda, who’s right here on the present time, she would win me a bacon sandwich and me and my dad would sit there collectively and watch the Grands Prix. It’s weird to examine it and stare anyone within the TV situation and now to be the individual that’s within the TV situation, , and be doing something admire the righteous that I saw in Ayrton and the righteous that I saw in Michael. It’s beyond surreal to think that this stir, my life stir has brought me to this level in a hit a sixth title. Nonetheless I don’t truly know how I’m supposed to truly feel correct now. I simply truly feel… I don’t think in all of the cloud nine ingredient, I’m flying righteous excessive correct now and I’ve got my household with me which is barely… I don’t be unsleeping the final time my stepdad and my stepmum, my dad and my mum had been within the identical… at a Huge Prix. I don’t think I’ve had them at a World Championship Huge Prix sooner than so all another time, to ride that and portion that with them, individuals which appreciate within the slay been on the core of who I’m and sacrificed the entirety they’d for me to appreciate the life that I appreciate on the present time, to appreciate this quite plenty of to protect out this on the present time, so I modified into once truly proud to search them all smiling and portion it with them.


Q: (Dan Knutson – Auto Action, Speedsport) Lewis, you’ve talked loads about what this all map to you. You’ve furthermore no longer had a 2d to yourself. Is there a time – tonight, the next day, next week – whereas you sit down and truly replicate on the entirety?

LH: On the whole the reflection comes on the dwell of the year when work finishes and also you would possibly maybe simply capture a load off and simply sit serve and appreciate a beer. I could be with my canines, with my feet up and simply handiest then you definately maybe can appreciate a 2d to plan end how righteous a year it has been. In my mind, I’m fair too aggressive, so I’m pondering OK, we’ve got two more races to head, how am I going to protect out the next job, how am I going to present a enhance to in qualifying. There’s two more qualifyings to capture a eye at and win pole, how am I going to search if I’m in a position to doubtlessly pull out a lap admire I did in Singapore final year. How am I going to work it that I could also be on the front of every of those. I’m repeatedly simply taking a eye to present a enhance to and I truly appreciate being in this sport. I’m so grateful to this sport for giving me a life and giving my life reason. Moreover, with social media, now we appreciate this platform where you would possibly maybe furthermore appreciate a piece and appreciate an affect on individuals so I’m grateful for the map I’m in and as I acknowledged, I truly admire the premise of making an try to make a masterpiece. I think all of us must be no longer easy ourselves to make our have confidence masterpiece in some map, form or make, and mine’s no longer finished.


Q: (Phil Duncan – Press Affiliation) You’re obviously now inner one of Michael’s fable. How motivated are you now to full your career as statistically the ideal driver that’s ever been in a System One automobile?

LH: I think it’s truly… it’s all about the vogue you map your thought process. I’ve repeatedly acknowledged to you that reaching Michael’s modified into once by no map a target for me. I’m no longer truly one which truly thinks of records and individuals type of things. I positively had thought that getting any place end to Michael modified into once simply to this level-fetched and I be unsleeping having my one for a truly long timeframe, then getting a 2d one. It modified into once to this level away and now but it appears so end but it is to this level away that I soundless can’t truly even comprehend. The challenges that we’ll face in these next coming months, the next season. You examine these totally different groups which appreciate truly been putting some unbelievable performances in within the 2d half of of the season. It’s going to capture one other load of inconceivable efficiency and work from myself and all of the individuals which could be around me and I truly don’t have to appreciate to think of it correct now. And furthermore, I don’t have to get hold of the premise of making an try to win to Michael’s… to win to seven because for the time being, I’ve got ride correct now. Day after recently to come’s no longer a given, I don’t know what’s going to happen over these next days or months but what I appreciate to protect out and what all of us truly must strive to win particular you ride each day because one day you’re right here and one day you’re no longer. So no longer making an try to think of what’s going to happen doubtlessly on the dwell of next year or 2021. I think that I appreciate the flexibility to continue to grow and to protect out more with this group and inner System One and so that will in all probability be the target but time will expose. True now I simply focal level on making an try to be as match and healthy as I could also be and smile as important as I’m in a position to and ride this relaxed stir we call life.





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