Ferrari engine: “That will stop if you stop cheating”

( – Six times in a row Ferrari was after the summer break 620 on Pole-Space, and apart from Sochi (failure Vettel) the Scuderia has since brought in every single race at least 10 World Cup points. To Austin: On the Pole-Space of Valtteri Bottas followed on Sunday one of the worse Ferrari performances of the season.

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen makes serious allegations against the Ferrari Group Zoom Download

Charles Leclerc (4.) were missing after (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************) , Sebastian Vettel left in lap eight . The German bustled at the time of his wheel suspension break in seventh place. At the 50. The birthday of Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto came as a surprise to many, as the Italians had recently shown a continuous upward trend.

Not so for Max Verstappen: “I'm not surprised. After that, used to be come out, that explains everything. ” Bottas, at the FIA ​​press conference “Sitznachbar” of the Crimson-Bull pilot, puzzled after: “What came out?” Verstappen answers: “The piece of paper.” Bottas shakes his head: “I have not seen yet.”

What Verstappen means by the “piece of paper” is clear to everyone in the Formula 1 paddock (except Bottas): (*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************). October, has published. Ferrari critics believe Ferrari will be forced to shut down illegal methods in the engine sector – and the poor performance in Austin can be explained in this way.

Hamilton joins Verstappens suspicion they needed more power, they seemed to have more.This weekend – and I do not know yet how their GPS data looks compared to ours – is definitely different than before, so before we lost seven-tenths on the straight alone. ”

Strong Tobacco from the FIA-PK, to which Verstappen by the usage of Dutch television adds: “That will stop if you stop cheating.” At the latest at the point Binotto understands his 56 , Birthday is no fun – and uses the Ferrari media round after the race for an emotional Assertion.

“I have read and heard many comments this weekend about a technical guideline and influence on our cars “I've heard comments after the end of the race that I'm very disappointed with,” he says. “I think such comments are complete wrong and not intestine for the sport, so everyone should be a bit more careful.”



Charles Leclerc, not known to be Verstappen's closest friends, responds even more irritably to the Crimson Bull driver's PK taunts: “That's a joke, to be honest, he has no idea he's not in the group. I do not know why he talks about it, he does not know anything about it. “

First of all the facts: In qualifying in Mexico, so no Before the technical guidelines were published, the two Ferraris Advantage on Mercedes: 7.2 km / h. On Crimson Bull: (********************************************************************************************), 1 km / h. In Austin it looked quite different: There Vettel / Leclerc finished on Saturday only P8 / 9 the top speed -Assessment .

But Binotto points out: Ferrari have changed since Mexico “nothing” s.der engines. Rather, they dared to experiment in Austin: “It's true that we did not win as much on the straights as we did in the races before, but we were as fast in the corners as our competitors – at least in qualifying.”

Binotto claims Ferrari experimented in Austin

The explanation is not that any illegal methods in the powertrain were turned off. Rather, in the area of ​​the Aero-Set, we have gone aside-American-like ways: “We have shifted the compromise between contact pressure and performance to test how we can get faster in the bends,” claims Binotto.

He sees other reasons than the engine power that Ferrari was not in pole position in Austin for the first time since the beginning of August: “The fact is that yesterday we were very close to the Pole-Space – as in the last race Seb could have fetched the poles, so maybe he's a bit too careful in a corner. “

Mattia Binotto


Mattia Binotto takes the allegations of the competition very personally 2019 Zoom 19110401 Download

“Charles had an effort in the morning that everyone could see and lost the whole third coaching. We had to install another, older engine with him. If I look at his performance in qualifying and consider his problems in the final training, I'm pretty sure that he could have driven pole. “

Leclerc had after the “He had stage 2 and not stage 3, which we introduced in Monza,” Binotto explains, whether the newer Tier 3 engine for Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi can be rescued Maranello

The allegation that the technical directive (*************************************************************) the FIA ​​for the season (**********************************************************************) Ferrari has been forced to turn off illegal methods, offends the jubilee: “I do not see where the effort is,” he waves off. “Topspeed battle in the race certainly not our effort. United States of americahat in the first stint clearly lacked grip, with both drivers. “

For the Ferrari reasoning two things speak: first: the benefit of the allegedly illegal trickery, which so far none So far, naming (let alone proving) battle has been greatest on a fast qualifying lap. (Up to (***************************************************************************************) PS, as Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff recently said in an interview with ''

Secondly : Ferrari has adopted FIA directive (***************************************************************************************) and therefore battle not to be able to respond to it in Austin. “Binotto asserted:” We honestly have to take a closer look at americadie the technical directive. We did not come this weekend. “

To be continued.

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