/r/Formula1 On daily basis Discussion – 4 November 2019


No. The total FIA did used to be cite the rules, which have not changed – and with which Ferrari has complied all season.

Ferrari had a unpleasant first stint the day gone by. Disagreeable tempo on the tyres, perilous method on Vettel’s car that broke. After they (lastly) brought Leclerc in he used to be pretty competitive with Bottas’ times. But then he used to be 45 seconds in the help of and there used to be nothing to play for.

Also crucial to illustrate that Ferrari hasn’t had prime jog tempo in the races they blitzed qualifying in; even in Spa and Monza Mercedes used to be faster and it took some teamwork and heavy-handed defending to salvage the wins for Ferrari.

Other folks’s desperation to witness some opponents is exaggerating both the u.s.and downs Ferrari has.

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