Max Verstappen is convinced after the race for the US GP that Ferrari's worse form on the Austin track was due to the fact that Ferrari stopped “cheating” under the FIE Directive.

The Red Bull team has sent a request to the FIO to clarify the legality of the system, which allegedly blinds the operation of the fuel flow sensor and is supposed to be used by Ferrari this season

Red Bull is suspected that Ferrari has developed a system that disrupts the flow sensor, and the Maranell team could at some point use more flow than prescribed, which could allow Vettl and Leclerc provide more power to the drive unit.

The FIA ​​responded with suspicion by a technical directive explaining that the use of such a system would be against the rules, and Verstappen is convinced that Ferrari in Austin stopped using the system, which reflector on the track.

After the race, Verstappen, when asked if Ferrari's inferior form surprised him, replied:

“Not the least. This is what happens when you stop cheating. Anyone can connect the dots. “

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