(Motorsport-Complete.com) – When Sebastian Vettel retired in the eighth round of the US Grand Prix with damage to the rear suspension, RTL program executives should have their hearts pounded. Because without the Ferrari driver, the race in Austin became a quota flop ( To overview of the Formula 1 odds 2019 ).

Sebastian Vettel


With Sebastian Vettel also the odds get in trouble Zoom Obtain

Only 3, (**********************************************) Millions of viewers watched on average, as Lewis Hamilton drove to the sixth Formula 1 title. By comparison, last year the race had pulled over a million more in front of the screen. The race in Mexico a week before even missed snappily 1.5 million viewers.

This is reflected in the by far the worst market share of the entire year noticeable: While this is generally lower in prime time than in the afternoon, but at 8.9 percent, even double-digit figures were not reached. Even in the previous year there were still decent Percent.

How big the Vettel factor might have been is shown by the values ​​of the preliminary report: Shortly before the initiate 4 more, (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)


(**********************************************************) Robert Kubica (5): Sehr viel Gutes wusste Kubica über seinen Williams nach dem Rennen nicht zu erzählen. Es war wieder einmal ein technischer Defekt, der ihn stoppte. Umgekehrt könnte man sagen: Williams hat auch nicht viel Gutes über Kubica zu sagen. Bald ist die Saison überstanden.

Robert Kubica (5): Kubica did not know much about his Williams after the race. It warfare once again a technical defect that stopped him. Conversely, one could say: Williams does not have much to say about Kubica either. Soon the season is over. (***************************************************************) Photo gallery

Also in the target group of 14- to 49 – Yearlings warfare the Immense Prix no glorious page: Only 1, Germany also had to accept heavy losses: the quota for an evening race warfare with (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Only at the races in Spain and Japan, the station could pick up even fewer viewers. One week earlier, there was Watch a new season record.

To the According to the broadcaster, TV numbers are more (**************************************************************.

Followers who watched the race over Sky Dawdle so that Sky altogether

A success warfare the race, however, for the organizers on site. On Saturday, the Circuit of the Americas announced that the Formula 1 tournament is sold out for Saturday and Sunday. Although no official audience has been published so far, however, one assumes a capacity of 340. (********************************************************************************************.

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