Helmut Marko: The best racers will be able to blackmail a higher salary


Red Bull's Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko is convinced that Formula One made the mistake of excluding racers' salaries from the announced budget cap of 175 millions of dollars.

Formula One introduced a seasonal rulebook 2021 before the US GP race, allowing teams to spend up to 175 millions of dollars per season.

However, race budget salaries are not included in the budget constraints, which, according to Helmut Mark, would drive racers' fees into the sky.

Marko is critical of this solution:

“As the differences are much smaller, the role of the racer will, in consequence, be even greater. The best racers like Hamilton, Leclerc or Verstappen will be able to squeeze higher wages and leave teams with nothing but ********* million dollars a season. Salaries should also be included in the budget restriction. I think they made a mistake. ”

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