Mclaren wants Alons, but not in F1


McLaren CEO Zak Brown has revealed that the Woking team wants to keep Fernando Alons under his wing, but at the same time declined the possibility of returning two-time world champion behind McLaren's wheel to Formula One.

Mclaren confirmed a long time ago that the Woking squad will also be featuring Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris in the upcoming F1 season. The British team ended the hint that Fernando Alonso could return to Formula One starting lineup at the wheel of McLaren's season 2020.

Prior to the US race, Brown revealed that Mclaren did not want to break ties with Fernando Alons, but did not see the possibility of the Spaniard returning to the Formula One team.

In Formula 1, we set out a plan for the future and we are very pleased with our racers. I have a lot of respect for Fernando and we will talk about continuing our cooperation after the end of the season. Mclaren will race in the IndyCar Championship, and chances are in the WEC Series. We certainly want Fernando to remain part of McLarn, but not in Formula 1.

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