[OT] Arrow McLaren SP IndyCar testing livery




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16 functions · 2 hours ago

It appears to be like to be like a automobile parking zone, so I presume they’re testing at Sebring?

I am hoping we win to respect some frigid photography of the automobile in motion.

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Juan Pablo Montoya

Fashioned Poster6 functions · 2 hours ago

Yeah, they’re working at Sebring right this moment I mediate.

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7 functions · 2 hours ago

2.3x bigger (1536×2048) version of linked describe:


why? | to search out bigger photography yourself: extension / userscript (info) | recall

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4 functions · 1 hour ago

Bot coming by.

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4 functions · 2 hours ago

That’s a advantageous describe. 🙂

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#4 Lando Norris

3 functions · 1 hour ago

I articulate they could well no longer fetch the gorgeous colour of orange paint again.

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These rims give me Toyota GT1 vibes

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-1 functions · 1 hour ago

appears to be like to be shit

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