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TL,DR: fundamentally nothing changed, or no longer it is serene the identical as earlier than

The infographics combine the final 3 comparable straights from Sochi, Suzuka (Launch/function) and Austin (Aid Straight). They all possess a slack corner earlier than them and a lenght of around 1000 m.

The delta between Ferrari and Mercedes is in km/h.

As regularly the delta increases around 200 km/h, and quit constant trough the straight. Within the Sochi one it is doubtless you’ll perchance look the results of clipping after 1000 m.

Ferrari Vs Crimson Bull: https://f1ingenerale.com/?attachment_id=97412

In this case we can look the Honda PU was once turned as a lot as 11 in Suzuka, they gained around 1 km/h in the straight when put next to the others.

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