The situation between F1 teams is increasingly tense, with Red Bull launching a real offensive during a race weekend in the US against Ferrari, accusing the Maranell team of illegal practices in operating the powertrain.

After the end of the race in Austin, Max Verstappen immediately attributed Ferrari's inferior form to the FIE directive, which identified the illegal use of the sensor's manipulation system for measuring fuel flow before the race.

Alleged Ferrari violations were also leaked by Red Bull Chief Christian Horner after the seventh race in Austin, while Ferrari's allegations were denied and described as unfounded.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto approached Horner's originals after the race, giving him some harsh words, including threatening him with legal repercussions should Red Bull continue to make accusations at the expense of the Maranello team. Horner refused to share his opinion with the public, and Binotto then raised the tone of his voice and visibly dissatisfied with Red Bull's residence.

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