A tweet by Damon Hill, about the wdcs vs age


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Jesus, I did no longer realise that Hamilton and Schumi’s ages mirrored so intently. For him to ruin Michael’s bound steal legend is basically a foregone conclusion, however the WDC legend will most definitely be more difficult… you factual never know when his fortunes will trade or one other team will knock Mercedes off their perch.

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Hill wasn’t the identical that final 300 and sixty five days, you would order he became as soon as fully accomplished with it and became as soon as a shadow of his dilapidated self even factual a pair of years forward of. It became as soon as a right pity since the 99 Jordan became as soon as a dam gorgeous car, an on fabricate Hill would occupy had a huge season.

stage 2

He retired a healthy car. It became as soon as sad to survey so accomplished.

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