Helmut Marko: There's no room for Ricciard at Crimson Bull, even if Renault leaves F1


Renault chief adviser Dr Helmut Marko has rejected the possibility of returning Daniel Ricciard okay to Crimson Bull even if the French manufacturer decides to withdraw from Formula 1.

Ricciardo left Crimson Bull earlier this season and moved okay to Renault, where the Australian is performing significantly worse.

Helmut Marko adds that Ricciard's Crimson Bull door is closed even if the Australian racer wishes to return on the eventual departure of Renault from Formula 1.

“Ricciardo left okay Renault and now we have no room left. We have our own racing team and we are happy with it. Even if Renault leaves Formula 1, I'm sure the Enston team will get a new owner immediately. “

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