(Motorsport-Complete.com) – The Haas-Personnel is with two races to go before the end of the Formula 1 season 2018 29 points (seven points behind Alfa Romeo) on the ninth (penultimate) place of the Kevin Magnussen. Should it stay in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, that would be the worst result yet in the four-year history of American racing.

Kevin Magnussen


Kevin Magnussen believes Haas is down with P9 ) Zoom Download

Team Principal Günther Steiner has already stated that And Kevin Magnussen also explains that Haas has “completely missed out on this year”: “That's not great.”

“But we finished fifth in the World Cup last year, which was a pretty impressive one Toro Rosso has never done it, they've never finished fifth, we've been better than Toro Rosso ever before, so we have to pull us close. “

(*****************************************************************************************************************! points. Before that, it was twice eighth (with 29 and 29 points). WM-fifth. The best result of the Italian-Austrian team was sixth place in the year However, in the past five years, they finished fourth seven times; only yes, too, “says Magnussen. “We want more, sometimes it's good to pause for a moment and realize that you've been very good – and that you can do it again, and I'm convinced of that.”

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